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2005.05.25 1:15 p.m.

well, i'm officially irritable today.

erica and jen talked me into going to jen's for a sleepover last night (which had not been pre-planned). it was a little lame. there was nothing meat free for supper and jen had warned her mom countless times about how crazy i am and how mean and sarcastic and bitchy, so her mom was very very bizarre towards me and it was awkward.
her mom is crazy anyways. she wanders around their (giant) house in a bikini. she's the skinniest little thing and she wears so much make-up (fushia lipstick). everything in their house is in animal prints or alcohol-themed. they have a pool and hottub. it's just bizarre. i didn't know what to do/think at all.
and i'd been promised a super-fun-party time. so i was disapointed.

i have a hard time sleeping at other people's houses anyways.

i dreamt all night that i was in saskatoon, and i kept waking up but whenever i'd go back to sleep i'd been in saskatoon again and it would be the next day.
very strange.

and it cost a lot of money to get to jen's in scarborough and i ended up spending a lot of money on food because i haven't been home..
i just feel crappy.

and scared about things. you know.

it looks like i probably won't see nick until friday-ish. if then. this is ridiculous. if we're that low-priority to each other..

i have to do some more whinging around.

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