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2006.09.27 5:26 p.m.

well. I am unable to keep an internet weblog. That sucks.

I keep trying so hard to update. and then I just don't. Who know why..

Life keeps going and going and I can't keep up in an internet kind of a way.
I'm actually having trouble keeping up in a realtime kind of a way too. And I've lost my dayplanner. Where is it even?

The other night Dana and I were walking home from Sneaky Dee's, where we'd gone for drinks at around midnight, and she said to me "you know what I admire about us? our persistence"
It's true. We just don't know how to stop partying. She'd fallen asleep between my phone calls and still managed to rouse herself enough to bike down to party with me.

- I drink a lot.

- they were doing random construction in front of my house for awhile there and it was hard to carry things like lumber or furniture in or out.

- I got my bed built. Thanks mostly to Sophia and her drill. It is not as stable as it could be. No fatties on the bed. But it withstood a sleepover or two.. so I feel okay about it. But my house is a terrible disaster and I haven't cleaned and organised and put everything under the bed yet.

- I'm always tired. I slept for 14 hours the other night.

-I worked a lot for awhile there. I feel like I'm still in recovery. What do people do when they actually work fulltime?

-I've been making a tonne of money at skydome and so it's very hard not to spend money. Even though I owe so many places so much money that I actually can't afford to spend any..

- I really really like my friends. Sometimes it is the smallest things that make me ridiculously happy.

- I have been getting around zero auditions and I feel like I'm suffocating and that my chosen career path is fatally flawed and that my agent is going to ditch me in the very very near future. (that is where the drinking comes in)

- MCDA got our first club play the other night when Simon dj-ed at a sweet little dive. No MCDA members were in attendance. That sucks.

- I wish I were a photographer. (note: my flickr site has been pretty recently updated)

- MCDA is such hottt shit. I'm working on a new song tentatively titled "blue box" (it is about sexual frustration for females)

- I dyed my hair a really dark red brown. I like it because I'm so not a blonde.

- I bought red lipstick that goes on like acrylic paint and I can't ever get it off. It is ridiculously intense. Makes me laugh.

- J Adam was back around for a bit and we spent a bunch of time fighting. He wore a shirt that said "What's a pretty girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?" I vomited a bit onto my own face and smeared it around a bit. Things are done between us again and that only makes sense. So much sense.

- I was being bitchy to Dana awhile ago and she totally called me on it and told me to stop hating on her. I loved that. It made me very, very glad.

- I haven't seen Niki as much as I'd like to. But I feel like maybe things will calm down and then we'll chill. Maybe?

- I like their roommate Jo. She seems like a genuinely nice person. And fun. Yep.

- Having an oven while I'm drunk is a bad idea. Although I did make a shitload of apple crisp the other night which was tasty for my sensitive belly the next day.

- Dana, Leslie and I are planning a thanksgiving dinner. I'm planning on baking some pies. Shit son I like pies. Imagine being a master pie-baker and having pies at your fingertips at all times.

- My fridge still has its awful smell. I don't know what the hell that's about. I just avoid thinking about it. Ever.

- Today I went to Green Room for brunch on the patio with Sophia, Norman, and Dana and it was so ridiculously cheap and good and nice out. 20 above and autumn-ish and so, so nice. We had a very hard time leaving. I wish I were still there.

- Tonight I am going on a very bizarre date that I fear will be horribly awkward. I gave this guy at skydome my number. And told him to call me. He just seemed so familiar. And nice. And shy and kind of sad. And so, SO not my type I can't even explain to you. He's a hockey-playing crane-operator. From a small town. This will end well. I guarantee it.

- Sam, my ice cream boss, and I have become quite chummy. I like him a lot. He's so, so ridiculous. I hope that he lets MCDA borrow the kid-size pink escalade for a photoshoot. I've been going in to cover people's breaks. It's weird to only work for one hour. But since it's on the block and I have nothing better to do..

- I hung out with Tyler for awhile the other night and he's so one of my favourite people to run into. He's so enthusiastic and nice. He was with another instant-star-er who was far, far less annoying in real life than on the show.

- I hung out with Nathan for the first time in forever the other night. He and my buds and his buds hung out. Dana, Jo, and I had an impromptu dance party at the tiny pub we were at. Dana climbed on the table. That's what you get when you play sexyback. (aka my new favourite song bar none)

- I've heard word that Anothebluedoor is set to jam again, maybe even record some more. Except Steve's going on tour with Smallsins with Scissor Sisters for awhile. Sucks. I love ABD.

- I love TV. I love Tv. Shit. I'm out way too often to be the kind of person who's addicted to television.

- I have a crush on every boy.

What else is new? What else is new?

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