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2006.02.22 2:46 p.m.

Almost three in the afternoon. That's just about naptime in my world.
I am becoming obsessed with afternoon naps. Possibly because the sun comes in so nicely onto my bed at about 3:30. And because Figaro looks so self-satisfied stretched out there.
I think I'm going to start sleeping less at night in order to facilitate these naps.

I used to get a lot done at night. Now I just never get anything done. Makes sense.

Sooo, it looks like I might get to do that Niagara college film. I'm pretty excited. It sounds like a party. It has a pretty big cast so maybe I'll meet some new bffs.

I have a meeting with an agent on Monday. Turns out follow-up phone calls might be the way to go. I still HATE them.
It's with an okay agency, pretty good actually, and pretty small. Jennifer is with them and she's getting auditions and has booked a couple of things. But this agent did choose a poor headshot for Jennifer (it's just very...loud or something. Not classy like I'd want.). Luckily I only have one headshot to choose from. Ha! Beat that!

I think I'm going to get Ali to do another shoot for me. But I'm thinking of going COLOUR. And I'm thinking about dying my hair red again (not RED but just kind of red. yeah.). I should do that soon.
I can't!!!
I've got too many projects I'm committed to with this look. Too many people I'd have to consult.
That's the best reason ever.

Okay, but seriously though - a little red-head girl is more memorable than a little mouse-haired girl? (although, admittedly I'm all over my hair colour right now, with its occasional silvery strands. It's dreamy. Especially since the arrival of my blowdryer.)
But people still reference me as being red-headed. It does bring out my freckles so.

36% of people agree that maredeath is self-satisfied.

I don't think my agent would be down with me having my friend take my photos. Fuck. But I'm either going with Ali or with the best of the fucking best.
No in-betweeners.
So, I guess it's Ali then since I don't have 600 DOLLARS.

I have a job interview on Tuesday, for greenpeace. I don't want a job! But we'll see I guess. I don't even know if they'll want me seeing how many schedule conflicts I'll have already.
Also as soon as skydome starts up again that'll be my first priority.

Ugh! My bed looks so tempting. Especially given the disaster state of the rest of the apartment.

Did you know that no one chose 'loving' or 'giving' on my johari window (except me)?
That's slightly sad. I'm so busy being cold and cynical.
But 64% of people agree maredeath is 'witty'.
Probably I should stop spending time being a know-it-all and spend more time telling people how much I adore them.
I hope everyone knows that I would give them anything.. Really.

I'm in love with these 'windows'. Though it is frustrating that people won't do both the good and the bad. And not to put a name when you're doing the bad.
There's still time to do them! Bad and good. I'd like it if you did!

I wonder if it were really Nick who filled it out. I like Nick very very much and I miss him (not in a bf way, rather in a bff way. yeah.). I feel we were actually really good friends, and I miss that.
But I feel like when I see him his gf doesn't want me to talk with him really. I'm just being over-dramatic (45% of people agree).

Rehearsal last night was good. I still like the boys. I think they're both vegetarian. That's funny. It's rare to find boys who swing that way. We had good talks about soymilk and sandwiches.

I watched One True Thing yesterday. And fuck Meryl Streep is a good actor. Of course, I know, but it really hit me yesterday.
And William Hurt reminded me soooo much of Bougie I couldn't even take it.

FUCK FUCK FUCK. Acting is so fucking weird. Bodies are weird.
My bruised knees and funny belly are actually important. I could lose a part tomorrow over my bitten-fingernails. My hair colour can directly influence my income. Isn't that fucked?
It's fucking weird to be at the point where this stuff is so actual.
(something was actually happening, but it was a little too actual.)

The extras agency just called to see if they could submit me to do extra work tomorrow and I was all YEAH. But then she was all "but it's bra + underpants and intense making out". I just don't know if softcore is the way to start out. But for $300?
I said no.
I just couldn't do it. Underpants and bra, yeah. Making out, yeah. But not together.

I was thinking about trying to write a column about what it's like being a young actor in the city. How would I go about this? I mean, who would I approach, and through what channels?

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