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2006.10.24 5:35 p.m.

Hmm, since setting some cookie dough on fire (accidentally) on the stove, I've decided that my fire alarm doesn't work. It was directly overtop of there after all.
That sucks since I have a slight phobia of my house burning down and losing all of my worldly possessions. And my life.

Yesterday I was only getting at it around this time, and today I've already been to work and back. Good work me.

I had a good, solid day off yesterday. I went shopping in chinatown. Chinatown never ceases to amaze me. No, really. What deals! Unfortunately it makes me want to buy everything.
I managed to only buy things I (mostly) need such as gloves ($1), leggings ($5), shirts (3/$10!!!), and other things..
I have actually already made some Christmas purchases. I'm going to do my best to give myself enough preparation time this year. And to spread out the spending - so it's not such a shock to my financial system. And to cut down on spending (preparation should, in theory, help with this.... right..).

Then I went home and made fried beans and guacamole and cheese toast. And then I ate it. And it was exceptionally good.
Then I made Hillary-style chocolate chocolate-bar cookies.
Then Niki came over and ate the cookies.
They were good, nice and fudgy.

Niki and I talked for a good few hours about many things and "bonded" and "related to one another on a meaningful level".
Or some other gay shit.

Worked from ten to three today. This shift was much better than my last. It was my first host training shift and it went pretty smoothly - due mostly to how it was a Tuesday lunch and therefore very slow. Tash, my trainer, was very nice and friendly and funny and good at training me in a way where I didn't feel like she was bossing me, but I felt like she'd ask me to do something when necessary. Everyone I've met there is exceptionally nice. And despite it being a classy, upscale restaurant, I feel like everyone is pretty casual. A lot of teasing and (fairly funny) jokes and getting drunk together after work and helping each other out. God my life is so gay.
I think it will be a whole lot more work in the evening time and it does get pretty crazy when four phone lines are ringing at once and so on, but.
We'll see.
What I like about it compared to the fancy place I worked last fall is that they don't seem to care if you are IN LOVE with them. You don't have to spend all day tasting the food, you don't have to take quizzes on the menu items when you're not going to have to deal with them, you don't have to spend hours lining up tables and glassware and measuring the distance from the fork to the spoon, etc. You don't have to get to know every single regular and pretend like they're your best friend and you don't have to know every aspect of everyone else's job. Just your own.
Well, that's what it has seemed like so far. Now, I may still be proven wrong.
And there are definitely things that will drive me insane in the near future I sure.
But that's good since I'm going to have to quit soon enough anyway.

Speaking of - I still don't know my home-plans. And I need to decide in the near future. Ugh ugh.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG two months til my birthday! FYI

Welllllllll I think I'm going to go work on a grey dress I'm making and go set up my planning book for Christmas. The start to the Christmas season is about a week away. Just warning you.

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