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2006.03.26 2:07 p.m.

Ugh. The raccoons make me feel so weird inside with their weird hum/purr/whining.

There's a house across from the place we're shooting in that's still fully decorated for christmas. It's got lights on every floor (many different kinds) and giant garlands and bows on the railings. Beauty.

I was supposed to be done shooting last night, but they pushed a couple of shots back til today. That's fine really. Except I won't be able to go see Chala's play.. which I did want to.

Shooting went well. It's really hard to get a sense of performance while shooting a film because it's all so split up and out of order and random.

It's like sometimes I'll see a play (most plays I've see in fact) and it's like the acting gets better throughout. I think it's getting into it, settling in and givin 'er. With film it's harder to get that momentum. And no wonder everyone just plays themselves. And, I've decided that it's fine to play yourself - to a degree. You in different situations, with different backgrounds/presents/futures/etc.

It was a long night but I drew in my new sketchbook and took little naps. It's sad not to be in every scene 'cause then there's no one around to pay attention to me.
I'm excited for when I'm a star and I get my own trailer. That would be so sweet.

Chris's mum made apple/blueberry pie and lemon bunt cake for us. They were really, really good.
Except then I felt ill. But whatevs.

We went out to the boat afterwards. What a weird club. It's a weird place to become so popular. Although - who doesn't like a good ship motif?

Chris and Jamie have become oddly familiar to me in our specific setting, so it has been interesting to see them interact with their friends and in different settings. I think it'd be weird for them to see me with my friends.

I hope that I will see them after this. Well, we're supposed to have a wrap party maybe. And then maybe at the screening (apparantly the school rents out a theatre and plays the student films on the big screen. That would be overly-neat). And Jamie says he's moving into my hood so.. I can stalk him at least.

The crew are all really nice too. This girl, Sophia, was there for a bit yesterday and she came out with us to the boat and we danced and danced. She was pretty fun. I'm always up for meeting new people and partying with them.

Chala says she's hosting a clothing swap tonight. Which is good on account of good goddamn do I need new clothes. But not more clothes, just new ones.. so hopefully I can swap some. Also I need an outfit for tomorrow. A cute outfit. But whatevs 'cause I'm a babe and I can pull anything off.

Then I think Paul and I will have our America's Next Top Model party v.2. But probably not until I've watched Grey's Anatomy.

The weather's nice today, it seems to be warming up. And I'm warming to it.

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