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disclaimer: this is the life and times of meredith r. mistletoe. i'm making a slight attempt to disguise my identity and hide things that i write about and pretend i don't feel things i do. but if you read this and i don't know you read it, then you read it at your own risk. and you should let me know you're reading it... especially because a lot of the time things need clarifying or aren't quite true anymore or etc etc etc.

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2004.10.24 2:03 p.m.

ew. i hate the internet. hey internet: suck my nut.
i can't even talk to people anymore. there's no point, they'll just read it here anyway.
and one can't even just say what one'd actually want to say. everything needs to be edited down to fit into not giving too much away and all the truths need to be disguised enough so that one can disown it if there's the threat of being mocked..or if someone gets too close..or if one's admitted to feeling something that's not quite reciprocated.
yeah, good story.

none the less. i love the internet. what fun.
john's now got a diary. haha i win. so much for him only have an 'on-air journal' on cfcr.
oh, man, i hope he got to work okay this morning. niki told him she'd give him a ride..but she was sure so drunk that there's no way she was going to sober up by then. and i was going to do it but i didn't end up staying at her house.
john, make a profile. and fer sure turn on your notes. because that's where the party's at.
willrobbins still insists he's not getting a diaryland. not even to fill out the survey about him. what a whore.
maybe we'll still get married.... only if there's a lot of making out involved.....but i'm saving myself for marriage.

yesterday was really fun in general. i went to a movie with hillary in the afternoon - oh hillary apparantly john wears red track pants sometimes and maybe?
we went to see 'surviving christmas' i still don't like ben affleck. but i really like catherine o'hara and james gandolfini.. it was good based solely of the christmas content. it wasn't an actually 'good' movie. just very very christmassy.
and i ate a lot of candy.

the show was so g00d. in a hot way.
i really liked all the music that was played..and i could dance to virtually all of it.
and the people...were...gorgeous. yes, pure gorgeousness.
i really really like people. i mean, i obviously also hate people..but interactions are so neat and i love the subtleties and the overly-obvious. so much. not that by the end of the night i was really noticing much of the subtleties.
we drank rum and saki in the new alcove..which isn't really an alcove at all. and i know that niki is a Good Friend because she brought me crackers with the alcohol. because sometimes drinking hurts my stomach too much. and i need a lot of soluable fibre in my diet.

i think it's so good to see everyone and rub up against them..and even if i only talk to them for two's still so important. i couldn't believe how beautiful everything was sometimes. fraser in general at all times, and niki and jamesreimer dancing on the stools, and bumping hips with people, and eating candy, and seeing alisin again, and the true humour value of everyone i know..and the strange bits of chemistry between everyone...and especially me.

after the show we went to the yard which was also a good party. although me and (mostly) niki got more drunk. which was pretty funny. though i'm pretty sure i was being loud and irritating (what a difference..) and niki doesn't remember most of the night.
i'm sorry if you were one of the ones i irritated too badly.

will gave me a ride over to the yard and he asked if i was serious about anything..and i said christmas. later i asked niki what i was serious about and she said christmas.

everyone kept yelling about how i broke fraser's heart. this actually started friday night with him yelling about it..but somehow it caught on and a bunch of people were yelling at me about it. i'm not sure if i should admit to how amusing i found it.

i hope fraser liked his birthday present. a mixtape, candy, and alcohol..what's not to like, right? i hope he had an awesome birthday. it really seemed like he did. i do love him very much you know.

turns out i'm not writing a journal entry, i'm writing a novel.

guys, john just washed his sheets, so if you want to sleep's clean(er).
and will has a second set of sheets, so if you want to sleep there..he can change them. (not that you'd care maybe because you're probably a dirty dirty ho. wait, not that i'm implying that only dirty dirty hoes would sleep with will...)
and will has better cereal than john. so if you want to go to his house and eat cereal you should, he even has soy milk. i actually really really want some cereal right now. i wish someone in this household would buy groceries.

Oh My God. if you're near the university soon, pick up this week's sheaf. turns out there's a picture of me in it. fucking cocksucking john. and it's in the sports section, where i would clearly never look. and underneath it says 'word to the wise, if you don't want to be put in the sheaf don't talk bad about the staff in your diary. "you're the last person I want to see."'
jesus fuck that's funny. and i actually do want to be in the sheaf. if i went to that school i'd have even more stuff in there than willrobbins.

willrobbins gave me a ride home and we had a Real Conversation. that wasn't based soley on humour value..he seems to think that that's important. it's odd when people have expectations of me...i mean, expect me to be certain ways.
not that i don't do that more than anyone.
not that i was overly-lucid during the conversation. i really liked it though. hopefully i was making sense.

you know what today is? two months until my birthday! holy jesus. two months and one day till christmas.

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