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2007.05.08 12:28 p.m.

I went and got my hair did. I lost about six inches. I'm probably more upset about this than I should be. Luckily I'm pretty much denying that I'm upset at all. Because only girls care about hair. It's not that it looks bad... it's just that that is a year's growth! That's awhile!
I went to the Aveda school where they were doing a class and got my hair did for free. Which was very nice. I love free things. Especially since they didn't even try to sell me anything. I might have even bought something, given enough pressure.. but I didn't even have an opportunity.
The colour is really nice though. Rich red-brown with a few tiny highlights. But the hair cut is kind of straight and choppy (all one length now and straight bangs) and it's more funky than pretty. (Sorry, I hate the word funky, but I can't think another way to describe it).
And I'd rather look pretty.
It's hard to say no to suggestions when the hair do is free. She kept being like 'just let me take off a couple more inches'.. so how could I say no. It's actually fine, obviously, and no one even notices the difference besides me.. I do need to decide what I'm doing with this hair though so that I can go and get pictures done and all of that.
I don't know. I can't ever decide on one hair style that I'd like to keep for any amount of time.

After the salon morning I went and visited Andrea at the mall and ate lunch with her.
Then I ran back to my hood to put in a couple of hours at Big Chill to cover the after school rush. How do I get talked into these things? Sam is so bizarre in how much he expects from staff. He is convinced that last-minute demands are cool. Which they are not. I guarantee.

From Big Chill I ran home briefly then headed out to the ACC to do my last training shift working the Killers show. I got the call time wrong (and by I, I mean they told me the wrong time). I was pretty late. It was kind of annoying. But then the management didn't seem worried about it at all. Maybe they worried about it behind my back..
It was really busy though and so I didn't really learn anything. But whatevers, the guy who I was working with tipped me out. So it was alright. I'm terrible with names and working fifteen jobs isn't helping.

I was so tired all day yesterday. The novelty of being so busy has definitely worn off. And all my bones and muscles hurt. I need a full-body massage.

I'm thinking of buying a bicycle. Niki's been riding Rapido all winter because her bike has been broken. And now Rapido has pretty much bitten the biscuit. Poor guy.

Shit all I want to do is nap for a few years. Boston is in town again for the next few days, which means the dome will be busy and hopefully that I will make riches.

I'm back to having unlimited internet tomorrow which means I will spend all of my free time downloading shows and watching them. I'm so behind in TV.. and I love it so.

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