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2006.04.16 5:04 p.m.

The market and Chinatown are always insane on saturdays. In kind of a nice way - when I'm not in a hurry at least.
It feels bizarre to be in a complete deadlock as a pedestrian.

It was actually almost hot out. I was quite warm in my sweater and jeanjacket. I want to collect more and more sunglasses this summer.
'Cause spending money on crap is a specialty of mine.

I got some fruits and veges and some tanktops. Because they were three for 10 dollars and that's a good deal. Especially because they were such pretty colours and a really good cut. I'm thinking of painting them.

I went to the art store where the cute boy gave me 10% off again. That's what I like.

I got more scrapbooking stuff - but I have yet to put anything directly into a scrapbook.
I have thought about it a lot though. And I've been sorting everything. Trying to figure out what goes where. There's just so much stuff! And I want to really go through all of it.

I like being a pack-rat in some ways. It's nice for posterity I guess.

I was supposed to go to a show with Priscilla last night - her friend's band tinbangs. But since I am very unsure on how I feel towards her that didn't happen.

Instead I went to a party at Sophia's (of the Ryerson kids) house.
Well first I drank nearly an entire fourty of St. Ides and did some colouring (which was sooo fun!) and did some crying (which was also fun, and a pretty regular passtime these days. Oh April..)
Then I stumbled on over to Sophia's.
I was pretty worried about feeling like an idiot for having shown up there and you know, not knowing anyone really.. but it ended up being chill. Or was just too drunk to notice if it wasn't.
Jamie was there and he was surprisingly good about introducing me to people and making them talk to me, etc. And taking me places and offering me beer. Aww, I <3 his face.
And then Chris came, and Norman (who I also know from the shoot) and Chris and I fought about whether I should be cut from the movie. We decided I could visually stay in, but Chris is going to overdub my lines himself, in a bad Mexican accent.
And I didn't fall off the balcony - despite it having the wobliest railing of all time and me wanting to test it out.

Then I drank some more beer. Because that's what I'm about. And was a little too drunk - and I'm unsure of what I was talking about with people. Ugh. ..but it was fun I think. And I hung out with Sophia's cats - Jonathan and Janet. Cute little tabby faces.
Then we allll went for Chinese food. I sat next to Chris and made him eat most of my food..

Everyone in the restaurant, as we were leaving at 4:30am, seriously looked like some sort of gang members. All different types of gangs. All dining together. It was actually kind of intense.

Chris said I could still be in the film, so he won back all of my affection and then I stumbled home.

Good good night, I'd say.

I wonder if I can actually make those kids stay my friends.. I'll give it a go at least.
And Sophia better be serious about going dancing with me. Because dancing is always a serious matter.

Today I slept in. Then ate and watched TV. I feel like that'll be what the rest of the day is about as well. Three of my favorite things. I'm considering going on an Easter egg hunt. To the store..

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