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2006.12.12 9:39 a.m.

Well. I'm pretty sad to have lost that chunk of time in diaryland.

point form catch-up? wow. I find it hard to even remember toronto things, I'm so in Saskatoon mode already.

-Ellen was in town and we hung out quite a lot which was an unexpected treat. We had long lunches in Kensington and copied my zine together and Niki baked while we sat around. It was neat having her come to my party as well.. I like Saskatoon folk.

-I finished my magazine.

-My christmas party was pretty fun. Lots of people that I like came over. And it was awkward. I got high and was unable to interact with people.. which was a little silly and I felt like I was in grade ten. This is probably why I don't really do drugs. And because drugs are bad. My attic got really full and the food was really good (which is the only thing that counts really).

-Work was good. Then I left. I think that people were pretty sad to see me go, mostly my crush I bet. That'll happen to a guy. Did I mention that it turns out he lives near me? Well he does. With his GF. I ran into him while getting movies and we had a nice walk+talk. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to go back to that job if I want. I'm still very unsure on if I'd want to. I did really like a bunch of the people there and really in the service industry, where all shit is the same just in different outfits, that is the only thing that matters.

- A woman at my work got a boob job but I saw them and they weren't very big. I was highly disappointed.

- The sweetthing show was a pretty great way to leave Toronto. God I love them. No but for realz. In case maybe you thought I was just joking. My celebrity crush morganwaters was wearing red leather pants and a red leather skinny tie, which of course inspired the soon-to-be hit single "better in leather" by MCDA. Professional dreamboat. I hope he agrees to star in the music video. The show was way too crowded though. They needed fewer fans or a bigger venue. There wasn't space for me to dance properly and it was making me very angry until I just shoved my way right up there. They passed out a box of tambourines and I took one home. Hurrah!

- I'm very serious about MCDA.

- I got a new computer!!!!!!!!!!! Oh My God I'm so excited. When I go back to Toronto me and that machine are going to bond til we barf. OH my god I'm excited.

- Niki did all of the work in my life once again. God the amount that I owe her! She baked most of the stuff for my Christmas party and she sure cleaned and packed my entire apartment for me. No really. She did everything for me. I'm not sure what I ever did to deserve this.

- I came home.

- I've been working ever since pretty much.

- I've seen my fam a bit. The babies are so not babies anymore. How giant they are! Still pretty cute though.

- Boosterjuice in midtown is pretty much my house these days. I'm there quite a bit. Mostly in the daytimes though, which is sweet. Gill, who I work with most days turns out to be pretty cool, and she's friends with all of the kids that I know. That's handy for gossiping. Which is something that I would never do.

- I haven't gotten to see everyone I love yet.. but that'll happen soon I'm sure?

- I've mostly only been hanging out with John. He plans my social schedule and then I show up. Which is good for me. Sometimes I think I'm in love with him, but luckily he's not with me.

- I also see a lot of Stevedave, who I really love. She's a great kind of everyday friend. It really is too bad we don't live in the same city. I bet that she'll eventually give up and move to Toronto.

- Mairin and I went for lunch the other day and we've also been seeing each other around a lot. At the Hidden Cameras show and at the art auction. I find that she makes any situation more amusing.

- Went to the student art auction at the U the other night. I think this is the third year I've attended. If only I had money then I would so buy art. There were a couple of pieces I really liked. A guy ran up and pulled off my cowboy boot and threw it on the ground while I was waiting for John. I found that really great. No but really.

-Things are strained and stupid between Will and I for stupid reasons and I'm unsure of how to fix it.. or even if that's my goal. It seems as though some friendships just don't work. When do you throw in the towel?

- Saturday I went to Amigos for a dance party and a punk-rock show. I like the idea of both things going on at once. And it meant I got to see a lot of people I like. Fraser was especially nice to see. I haven't spent much time with him in years but I still love him and think he's pretty great. John was trying to audition to get into MCDA.. that went... alright. Hahah sweet moves. We went to an afterparty at the living room.. that was an odd scene. Drinking and smoking and stuff. It made me feel very very Hard Core. John and Chrismorin were the only people I knew there and so I mostly just stuck by them.

- Sunday I slept until six in the pm. That shortened my day substantially. I still had time to make some (extremely tasteful) christmas cards and read Chrismorin's zine. Which was good, not as good as mine of course, but interesting. Especially after spending a bit of time with him.

- I'm excited for when Niki and Chala and Ellen and Charlotte and everyone else who is coming home comes home. I'm ready for some Christmas Spirit already.

- We got our tree yesterday. And then I went and took my aunt to get hers. I like my aunt a lot. As a person and not just because she is my relative. Although she does have a foul mouth. My aunts house is really really well decorated. Now I have been intending on painting my house white and decorating in white... but her house is kind of swaying me... it is so ridiculously colourful and warm and that look would probably suit my attic overly-well. But I have wanted white for years.. oh geez. My life's too hard.

- Last night I went to Mr. Ribs to chill with three other vegetarians. Ironic? You know I didn't even see anyone eating ribs there. Just a lot of people playing the VLTs. Terrifying. I went with Stevedave and her boyfriend Matt and their friend Terry. Terry just got a new giant digital camera. Whoa. When I am rich I will so buy one of those. It was really amazing and also frustrating because of all of its bells and whistles. I just wanted to be able to focus it on my own and stuff. Terry works at a photo shop and I'm going to take my camera to him and he's going to see if he knows what any of the mystery buttons are. I might also buy some more batteries and have a go with the light meter again. Aaaand Matt and Terry are setting up a dark room soon and playing with developing. I would really like to get in on that shit. If I lived here I would so hit on Terry in order for me and Stevedave to have bff bfs. Good thing I don't live here.

- Two days off until my birthday. Not enough time! How will I ever get everything done? My life's too hard!

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