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2004.08.16 1:25 p.m.

exactly two weeks from today i'll be home. that's just crazy. i'm getting so torn apart. i'm already sad for missing this place and sad for not being at home. i hate this!

i'm just at school to return the video camera. and then tomorrow we have interviews. besides that i probably won't be updating this bizness very often. never know i guess.

i've got to start cleaning and packing and hugging soon. i don't feel like it yet. i know that anything i clean, i'll just mess again.

me and scott made up. i'm not exactly sure how, just like i'm not sure how we were fighting. ugh, we're like an old married couple. except not in a hot way at all. but i do want to still be friends with him..though i'm not sure why.

i'm a little nervous for interviews tomorrow. especially with neil. aigh. well, there's no point in worrying.

this weekend was pretty fun. friday i stayed in mostly and slept and cleaned a bit and played by myself and i went to the porch breifly to catch up with daryl and make up with scott.

saturday i went for brunch with priscilla, geordie and jenn. that was funsies. priscilla and i are the most ridiculous ever. luckily i videotaped some of that so you can witness it for yourself. maybe. geordie and priscilla like each other so much. it's great. she likes how giant he is and likes to irritate him until he fights back in a giant kind of a way.

priscilla wasn't wearing a bra at brunch and in her life this is a big deal so i made it far far worse by staring at her breasts for most of the meal. it was really entertaining.

and saturday night we went to chicagos and sat around eating and drinking for a while (priscilla, jenn, park, chris, and mattmanna). that was also good in a quiet laid-back kind of a way. i like ordering tea when everyone else is drinking. it reminds me of niki and me at lydia's on sundays.

oh by the by = i'm planning a home-coming get together for the sunday night after i get home. the 5th. probably at lydias (if there's jazz!) for a bit and then a back-yard fire + love festival at my house. yah? okay, see you there. allllll of you. even if i don't know you.

i went to see a dance-theatre peice that viv was in yesterday. it was quite fun. it was a butoh peice calling 'conference of the birds'. quite visually interesting. i like movement. (as opposed to still dance-theatre peices.) the play was held in the distillery district which is quite nice and pretty and crafty. i bought pink rhinestone glasses. and now i'm hot. why must i collect so many glasses?

and miranda and i worked together last night so that was okay because i like her and so if it's just us it's really okay to be at work.

i don't know why i keep building these friendships only to leave them again. fuck.

i'm kind of planning to go to kensington and chinatown this afternoon. it's nice out for once and there's too much stuff i need to get. it goes too fast and far too slow.

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