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2007.11.13 4:34 p.m.

I hate running. I don't know if I've ever mentioned how much I 100% hate running. It annoys me and feels pointless. So you know how excited I am to be jogging in the rain for four hours tomorrow morning. But at least I get to film. Film for four days straight. I am getting a little nervous and little excited. I love sets. As much as I hate running, I love filming more.
We meant to do much more rehearsing for this than actually happened. I'm a little nervous because of this. But still. I'm excited for crew and set and props and things. Mmmmhmmmm

I emailed my agent to tell him about the shoot and he called me this morning just to check in and make sure it was all good and find out more about it. I really, really like my agent. Even when he's not making money off me, he's still looking out for me.
I wish I wasn't half asleep when he called. I don't really remember what we were saying.
I went back to sleep and had a dream that I was on Ellen. Except I didn't remember shooting it, I just happened upon it on TV. I was really excited. It's my goal to be on the Ellen show. Obviously.

My phone is such a piece of shit. Which is silly because I was getting kind of into it. It is really tiny and sort of addicting to touch. But it has started this annoying habit of beeping loudly while I'm talking to important people and cutting them off and pretending its about to die even though it should be perfectly charged up. And then when I plug it in, after about ten minutes, it says (all self-satisfactorily) Charging Completed!.
What a bitch.

Been hanging out with Miranda a lot lately. She's probably going to flunk out of law school because she likes to go shopping with me and eat brunch instead of doing her homework. We went shopping on Friday, out on Friday night, and out for brunch (at Victory - so good - still no Aunties, but since it didn't have a line-up on the weekend and the baby spinach and goat-cheese omelette was sooo good...) on Saturday.

I got schmammered (as Stephanie would say) on Friday. Drinking at Miranda's house with her buds, then meeting up with Sarah and Dana at Beaconsfield and doing shots with my Sask-a-bud Shayne and then meeting up with Stephanie and Geoffrey and co. at Dakota. Holy b-jesus. A whole lot of running around.
Dana and I still have not made up or discussed how she was in a fight with me. I felt a little strange about that.

Saturday working was really fun. Unfortunately I have been less than discreet about my crush on Third there, and now he's followed suit with his interest in me. This leads to everyone knowing. But so I enlisted Ali's help (she was working a few stands down from me) to make lists about what Third and I could do on our date.
UGH. I totally can't find those lists and I really want to scan them into the comp and post them. They're too good.
Anyway, we got really hyper and ran around the ACC and went and found Third and read him the lists. Which was probably the highlight of the night. Ali and I both put "Get matching tattoos" on the lists. She also put
-"go ice-skating at Nathan Phillips Square" (yeah, there's definitely no ice there)
-"go to the woods, cut down a tree, bring it home and decorate it while enjoying hot cocoa together"
-"enter a couples' fishing derby, come in last on purpose"
My list was much too long.
We, of course, ended up doing absolutely nothing on the lists. We ended up just having a beer at Magpie and then hanging out here.
Ali and I are really really funny together. Sometimes I forget that.

On my way to work on Sunday I totally got doored (by which I mean a stupid motorist opened their stupid door while I was biking by them). But it was a slow-mo dooring. And I was alright. But still a little bit shaken.

Stephanie and I went to see Fred Claus yesterday afternoon. It was pretty good. Well, it was alright. Yeah. It did have an awful lot about Christmas in it, so you know I liked it. I totally go The Golden Compass snack combo and now I have a Golden Compass bucket. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.
And we had dinner. We had dinner Sunday night too, actually. This is a bad habit. I need to learn to not socialize every minute.

Hung out with Third again last night. Incubate and bond, etc. But I don't even care. Because I do not make negative statements. Or at least I try not to...

6:30 a.m. call tomorrow. Work tonight. I've been feeling ill for the past three days (because that's what my body is about!). I wonder if I'm going to be prepared enough for tomorrow...

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