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2007.07.31 5:25 p.m.

Oh, I am a terrible diarist.

Too much going on all the time.

I'm seriously stressed out and I need to learn how to deal with it. How to make the most of my down-time. What to do to cool the eff down.

I shot my first big-ish commercials this weekend. I thought it was just one promo spot for MTV and I thought it would be just a skeleton crew, but it turned out to be two spots and a pretty substantial crew. It was the same director as the last one I did and she had just called me up to do this one (she's the sister of a friend of mine). Which was sweet. Although it did get a little messy for me when she had told me the job was mine and then made me audition against a whole buttload of other girls. But the point it that I got to do it.

I danced on the street corner of Bloor and Landsdowne in heat for about three hours. It was remarkably fun. I love dancing and I love being cute and those were about my only requirements. Eat that college profs who told me that I couldn't sell cute. Whatevers.
I wore a very cute outfit and had my hair french-braided and my make-up done. A babe on a bike was checking me (and the whole filming set up) out so badly that he ran the red light crossing Bloor. He almost got hit. There was a lot of honking.
The DP and parts of the crew for this shoot had worked on the Joel Plaskett video and remembered me. Neat. Everyone on set was ridiculously nice. Two of the art dept people were friends of Jamie's and went to Ryerson with everyone I know so I made friends with them.

I can't believe I actually made money off acting this month. Whoa. It's like I'm a real actor and shit.

I'm rediscovering my love for the Treble Charger 'Maybe It's Me' album. So, so good.

Yesterday I had a Christmas in July dinner party. It was nice. Mostly it was just me and Niki and Mehta but Tamara and Joda and Miranda all came here and there. We had a really good chickpea salad and apple crisp and stuff. I do like having people over.

Miranda and I went to Beaconsfield afterwards to visit Nathan DJ-ing there. I wanted to hit on the bartender but it got pretty busy and so there wasn't really opportunity. He was totally in love with me though. Who isn't?

Yeah, so babe-break was okay. I don't know how "successful" it was... I didn't make out with anyone. But I definitely got a little tipsy a couple of times. And I hung out with boys a bit.

I went on a way-too-much-of-a-date with a boy I'm not interested enough in. I like him a lot, I mean, I think he's very funny and I like his self-deprecation and story-telling. But. We had drinks at Kalendar (which was my idea and I should've thought better of it because that damn patio is so romantic). Drew was working and he picked out my cake and beer for me. I like knowing my server to make them do all the deciding for me.

I worked the door for Chala's BFF Sarah Jane's boyfriend's CD release show. Who is Grand Analog. I got to spend time with Chala and now she's left for Fringe-touring and we'll barely be in the same city ever again. I love Sarah Jane. She's somehow magical and invincible. Ambitious and warm. Like, I believe she could get anything done. She's producing his new music video and somehow she managed to get it sponsored by Holt Renfrew and shit.
Anyway. I worked the door and what I saw of the set was pretty impressive. I love rap about love. Actually, what don't I love that's about love?
I made SC come and hang out with me. He's so, so, so weird. He's the weirdest kid I know. After the show we went and met Miranda and her Dustin at Sneaky Dee's and had (more) beer. They left and we stayed, stayed really really late. The sun wasn't coming up yet, so it wasn't a proper summer night, but close. We spent the whole evening fighting. Arguing, cocks-on-the-table, all out. I probably said too much and I was probably mean. But It was good fighting. I hope. We might be actual friends now.

I'm losing track of everything these days. I'm sabotaging myself and not being responsible.
I forgot there was a day game last week and totally just didn't go until my boss called (and woke me up!) and asked where the hell I was.

I'm sure that there's more I'm forgetting to say. But that's the way I am these days. Forgetful. Always losing things and leaving things.
I'm trying to organise though. To keep stock.

In the mean time:
Pictures from my first official headshot photo-shoot!
I'd appreciate any feedback on account of I actually want to do this for a living at some point.

This is probably my favourite.


Devon was a lovely model. I mean, his pouty face is a bit hilarious but he's actually quite cute. And he seemed to love the pictures, which is important.

I'm hoping to do some more photoshoots. Maybe tomorrow even.

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