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2008.01.04 12:35 a.m.

Seriously? Seriously almost a month?

whoa. I really shit the bed on this one. I'm a terrible diarist.

I wonder when (if ever) my blog skills will peter out? Is this the beginning of the end? is made just for me. Dear Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, how did you know I needed this show? How did you base all of the characters on me? Especially the one who talks way too much about her friends on her blog and tells everyone's secrets, including her own?
It's not My So-Called Life, but then, nothing is. And this is good. And it's getting me thinking about writing my (theoretical) show again.

I have the worst cold I have had in years maybe. It's super intense. Luckily I took an aeroplane back to Toronto today and that sure fucked my ears up. They don't feel as bad since I had a nap, but I was a little worried for a bit there that my hearing loss was going to last. And worried about how much it hurt.
I have several other gross, gross symptoms with this bug that I won't share. But I totally don't have a voice. At All. I was considering calling my mum then realized that was an impossibility. I danced around singing in a loud whisper for awhile, but it was really un-fulfilling.

Uh-oh. Joel's facebook status says that his sickness is an Adenovirus. Aaaand, I'm pretty sure that's what I have. Wow, I hope no one gets this. It looks nasty nasty. Fuck, now I'm nervous of what's to come. That would explain my stomach flu on boxing day. And why my ears and eyes are the grossest ever.
Aw fuck. I don't want to be holed up in my house for days.
No, actually, that's alright. I haven't written in much, much too long, so I'll do that. And watch Quarterlife.

I'm bundled up in front of this machine in my new down duvet (courtesy of my best cousin and her kin) which is covered in the new duvet cover that I designed and my mother executed more beautifully than I'd thought possible. It's so gorgeous. My bed is so ridiculous. David came over this afternoon and bundled himself up in it. It's irresistible. Dark red sateen sheets and all kinds of beautiful Christmas fabrics patchworked on the duvet cover. But it's beautiful, you might not even notice that it was Christmas at first.... unless you know me, in which case you'd just totally expect it.

There's no food in the house. Only what I brought back with me. I realized when I got home this afternoon at 2 that I hadn't eaten since 8 the night before. So I feasted on mini bags of doritos and on Christmas chocolate and the nuts that my aunt gave me for baking supplies.
After my nap I made (fake) chicken noodle soup, which was about my only choice.
I think the eggs are still good - so I have breakfast for tomorrow!

Christmas is actually over. It's done. And I'm done with winter. As I always say; winter, after Christmas, is no winter at all.

I made such a good haul this year. I was thinking that as I unpacked today. Decorated my apartment with all my new things and drank tea out of my new mug...
I love things.
I'm such a stuff kind of person.
I'm hoping I get better and better at taking care of my stuff and at valuing it.

I don't live in Saskatoon. This has never been clearer. It was hard this year that some friends weren't at home. And even the ones that were there have such specific lives that really don't involve me at all.
Fraser got really, really drunk at Bandswap and said "Meredith, we lead very different lives!" and when I agreed wholeheartedly he said "But does that mean we can never be friends?"
It kind of broke my heart. He told me that he's somewhat jealous of me having moved away.. and I'm more than jealous of him having stayed there (even though it's not for me). I know that drunk people are drunk people, but I believed him when he said he loves me, because even though we're not bffs anymore, I love him ridiculous amounts.

It was wonderful to see the people I did though.

My fam was wonderful. Every time I looked at Ethan and Rachel I almost cried. They are so not the babies I first left them as. They are huge. They are real people. And, even better, they are real people who I like. I like them both so much. Even when they hit me. Or kick me in the crotch. I wish I had spent even more time with them.
Their new baby sister was more than cute. Obviously. We don't make them any other way in this fam. No way.

Christmas Pteranadon

I re-bonded with Carlan and Maggi this trip, which was an unexpected bonus. Especially with Maggi. I read her diary these days but that's about as far as it goes. But we got to go scope for husbands and drink (a lot) and even have a bathtub talk together.
I didn't realize how much I missed Carlan until I saw her. She's such a babe, and has such a great way of speaking and relating.
I got to hang out with Steph a lot too. We made sweet gingerbread cookies and decorated them (really, really badly, some) and had a great dinner last night.

It was good to see Charlotte too. She's neat. It's funny the awkwardness when I first see people again after a long time.. I'm so weird. Charlotte and I were the designated dancers/ raffle girls for Bandswap, which Alisin organized this year. It was pretty great. We wore superhero outfits with our gitch over top our tights and sweet silver capes that I made. Such total babes, like I can even explain.

Hillary and I had our traditional Valentines date at Chiantis and ordered the same thing (romantic!). And she and Gill came for lunch with me and Ashley on my birthday. Hillary gave the sweetest origami hearts card set and Christmas card making set... everyone is getting Christmas cards all year round.
Ashley got engaged! Holy fuck. Not that I didn't see it coming. According to facebook most girls I went to elementary with are having kids or are married. Weird!

I'm getting old.

Hung out with Constantine when I first got into town. He's such a doll. We had our grilled cheese platters and both totally cleaned our plates and ate all our ice cream treats!
No one is as rewarding to call when I get to town as him. He generally says "HOLY FUCKING SHIT! ARE YOU IN TOWN? WHEN ARE WE GETTING G.C.P.S?" It's really nice.
His new roommate Roger is a doll as well. We all hung out last night. Went to two different bars with them and Constantine knocked the plate out of our server's hand while doing an impression of Roger doing an impression of him. Very silly. For some reason it seemed like a good idea to watch them make grilled cheese and bother Roger while he was trying to read and then watch Deathproof instead of going home to get some sleep before my 7 am flight. I'm ridiculous. And easily swayed.
So easily swayed.

I love Christmas. Not working over Christmas was such a good choice. I was so much less stressed than I normally am. And since I love Christmas ever so much, it doesn't seem fair that I wouldn't get to enjoy it. I think this was the first year in awhile where I didn't have a meltdown. We also didn't have a turkey, which I was pretty grateful for. We had pot pies and stuffing and salad and ginger cheesecake. It was all too good. Too, too good.

My birthday was awesome as well, actually except being sick all holidays, this year was pretty exceptional.

Hmmm. I wonder if anyone'll make it through this entry. I need to go to sleep.

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