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2006.07.10 2:30 p.m.

How will my time at home ever be enough though?

And should I try and come home for all of December again? Why do I insist on breaking my own heart constantly. I should just separate myself from Saskatoon, leave it alone.
Oh, except that that is impossible.
When I was younger I always thought I'd move away and never look back. Instead, these days, I'm rarely looking forward.

I have so many missed birthday stuffs to get and bring with me. I do love birthdays i wish I had more time for them. And more money. If I had more money I'd just spend it on gifts.

I haven't been as overly-busy. But still too busy and still trying to catch up on alone time, just sulking around and being weird by myself. And reading and watching TV. There hasn't been enough of that in my life lately.

Went for drinks with Tamara and Sarah on Thursday. I like doing chill things like that. My favorite drink these days is vodka with cranberry and orange. It's good for summertime. We talked about boys. Man did we talk about boys. Girls nights are silly that way.

Friday I was ill. In a usual, every month, sort of a way. I'm so not a fan. Especially since the new pattern is getting woken up at 5 or 6 am in pain and not being able to go back to sleep. Terrible amounts of fun. Just terrible.
But I did some reading. By the Waters of Liverpool, which is one of my favourite books to read when I'm feeling ill or unhappy or hard done by. Because it's an autobiography of this woman who grew up ridiculously poor during the depression and war. And she had worse cramps than me even. What fun!

I also watched movies. Brokeback Mountain and Memoirs of a Geisha. i wasn't terribly impressed with either one. Too many expectations of course. Also neither one was really fantastic or exciting or new or thrilling. They were both extremely beautiful but even that was just expected.

I went to work Friday night drugged up on too much tylenol. I was very out of it and feeling sad and uneasy. And in pain. Luckily the man I worked with was nice and did a lot of the work and got us fries and pop and stuff. And it was a blessedly short game so I got out really early. And I went home to bed.

Saturday I worked again, my first time at one of the stands that sells mixed drinks. So I got to mix drinks (ridiculously easy ones of course). It was busy but I was feeling better and we made okay money. Which I badly, badly need.

Saturday night I went to Utopia with Sophia. Utopia is so one of my favorite places to eat. I had vegetarian souvlaki. I had never had souvlaki before. Probably on account of being vegetarian for a decade. Sophia had peach crumble. It was a nice night out and I am such, such a fan on just sitting and eating and talking.
Hence my desire to open a brunch place.

Sunday the skydome played the world cup game on the jumbotron. I am so naming my kid jumbotron. How cool. So I worked that. And I left with the least amount of money I have ever made there. I worked with Carla which was as hard as it was fun. She's just too, too bizarre. All she did was flirt with men. Scary men. Our boss, Mike, even came around and commented on it and she just kept on. She can be quite dense sometimes. Mike pulled her aside to talk to her about it after work and she was so confused why he was mad. I didn't stick around to hear about it.. but I wonder what happened.

After work I met up with Sarah on college street. It was a mad street festival on account of it being Little Italy and Italy winning the cup. We bought popsicles and sat down to scope babes.
And there were none.
There was a serious, serious lack of babes.
Chala came by and joined us and the three of us just sat there in bewilderment at how there could possibly be such a shortage of fine young men. We seriously saw about three babes. And two of those were physically attached to girls.
It's draining and unproductive to sit for that long being that shallow and judgemental.. but it was still kind of entertaining. Next time I'm wearing a t-shirt that says "on the hunt for major babes".

Sarah and I then went to my house and prettied up and then went to Chala's for a potluck. It was a bun party (opposite of a sausage party). A lot of girls. I got drunk and somewhat obnoxious. You know that point I get to where it's still entertaining but then starts to cross over..
I met a couple of Chala's friends from school and I befriended them. Might as well keep this friendship train moving along..

This morning I had an audition for a crappy, crappy commercial. I don't want to get into it but involved mock-having-sex. So that was a party. Actually it was fine and it was a casting director I hadn't been called in by yet.. and the people in the room thought I was funny.. so.. I guess it was fine.
It always feels so ridiculously short and pointless. Going all the way there for 5 minutes in a room with a camera.
But fun still.

I have the worst hiccoughs. In fact I think I just pulled out my neck hiccoughing.

I'm working at Big Chill quite shortly here. I'm taking Mark's Mondays while he's away on va-ca. I'm only taking them because I'll get to work with Miranda and Rory. And I like Miranda and Rory.
It's rainy though so I hope it won't be busy and there'll be time for chatter.

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