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2007.02.24 6:25 p.m.

Ten months til my birthday.

I passed by my housemate this morning at around nine, she was leaving and I was just getting home.
she: Are you just getting home?
me: Uh, yep.
she: Well, your life is much more exciting than mine.
me: I doubt it.
she: I'm going baby-sitting
me: I'm just back from a best friend sleep-over.

We tied for boring.

I went out last night with Dana and Leslie. It turned out to be a very fun and very free evening. For me. Which I liked. We went to a party at Leslie's work, a spa, it was their one-year anniversary. They had a lot of free wine and champagne and whole platters of vegan appies (for the custies!). So good. I managed to drink a lot. Mmhmm. And eat more than my belly liked. Whatever, gotta stock up for dying on the streets next week (oh so imminent). It was kind of nice actually, just hanging out there hearing funny stories about people getting waxed. And Lindsay Co chrane was there. So bizarre. What are the chances? Lindsay and I went to highschool together and travelled in the same circles, and have never been friends. It was very weird to just run into her. Apparently she lives here now, maybe we will hang out. Even weirder. She and my friend Adam used to be room-mates. Maybe we can all hang out.. maybe we could have a Toronto-ABCI reunion. Actually, yes, that is a good idea. It would be very awkward. I love awkward.

After the party we went by ButPan (Dana's work) to drink and visit with her peeps. By which point we were all very drunk. Then we went to a houseparty of a girl I don't know.. it was a very nice house. Happy birthday to her. SarahB was there too. Almost of all of MCDA together.. I was being an ass and pocketing candy for later (though it was a delightful surprise today).. I hope no one realized what a cow I am. There was a very very low ratio of sausages to buns. Lack of babes puts a damper on parties. Especially when you've gathered four single MCDA members.. I walked back to Leslie and Dana's with them but then I didn't stay.. I don't know why. Then I was going to walk home.. and was also highly considering making a bad decision, I passed by Chala's street so I called her up (yes, at three-thirty in the morning. Chala's that kind of girl) and invited myself to go sleep in her bed. It was really nice actually. It was like when I first moved to Toronto and lived in her bed for a month. It was reassuring and sweet. I like that I never worry about bothering her or anything. I know that she would do anything for me and not begrudge me. Niki's the same way. And Dana too, a little differently. I am very lucky.
It was just one of those nights that I didn't feel like going home, didn't feel like being the only person in the bed.

I'm too aware of my audience to write in here appropriately, honestly, etc.

I had retraining today for skydome. I want skydome to start tomorrow. Right now. They're going all hard-core customer service on us this year. I don't know how this is going to go over.. I kind of liked the lack of bullshit. But the job's pretty sweet all around, it's hard to complain.

I'm doing coat-check at the docks tonight. A big event, fancy and stuff. I'm not enthusiastic. I'm tired and my belly hurts.

This week.. I applied for a lot of jobs. I went to some interviews. So far.. no word. That blows.

Being poor is really starting to gross me out. I feel guilty pretty much all day. Which makes me irritable. And I hate asking things of people. And I'm terrible at thanking people properly.
But poverty has taught me that I can walk just about anywhere. Given enough time, everything is within walking distance. I'm getting good at zoning out and enjoying it. Though apparently I pass by people I know and don't acknowledge them a lot. I just completely check out while walking. It's kind of nice.

Job Job Job Job.
I want to get a serving job. Right Quick. And I really want the ACC to hire me, so that I could do the same kind of job as at skydome, but all year round. Mmhmm.

OMG, a total babe just e-smiled at me on Lavalife. He enjoys talking about woodworking, I enjoy talking about woodworking. It's a match! And his name makes him sound like he might be part robot and his interests include vegetarianism. I hope he e-smiles back and maybe even invites me backstage. I get a surprising amount of smiles for 40 year olds. I guess it isn't that surprising... and I did say I would start looking for a sugar daddy...
David keeps trying to date me on Lavalife. I'm going to tell Stef. He invited me backstage and sent me an e-smile that said "ask me about my roommate" which is funny because of my history with his roommate.
Lavalife is the weirdest place ever. The internet is built for creeps. Creeps like me, especially.

If my belly keeps on hurting then this night is going to be extremely long. I think I'll go have a power nap... even though those things never work. though those things never work.

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