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2006.07.31 6:09 p.m.

Today my computer went to sleep and then wouldn't wake up. So I shut its power off. But it took a long time starting up. That made me very worried. It probably heard that I wanted a new one.
Which I do.

Don't worry, soon I'll get rich and then I can have one billion computers.
But that would be irrational.

Yep. Got my Party-All-the-Time back, therefore very little time for DL.

Thursday I did do a lot of nothing during the day, but I went out with Sarah at night. We went to a show of friends of hers at Ciao Edie's and mostly just scoped for babes and drank. We spread the MCDA word and got some people on-board for some hottt dance lessons.
People seem to have a very hard time understanding the concept of MCDA and are constantly asking "is this a real band?" "are you guys really a band?" etc etc. They are asking the wrong questions..
People are dumb

MCDA will change your life so it doesn't matter if it is a 'REAL BAND' or not.

After the bar we went night-swimming. It was gross-hot and the pool was pack-packed. Over twenty people were in there. We met these funny guys from Montreal that work at conventions here and we made friends with them by yelling random things in French at them.
Trying to explain MCDA to people in a different language is extra hard.

We went and hung out with them at their hotel room and they gave us many sample things because they work at conventions and their lives are filled with samples. They also gave me a stack of scratch and win cards that I could scratch. I won about ten "starlight pens" but they didn't have any. I was severely disappointed.
They gave us rides home and one tried to make out with Sarah. Twice.
That's what we get for hanging out with strange men at 4 am.

I keep having the kind of headache where it only hurts when I move my head (specifically tilt it or turn it upside down). Is this from the heat and humidity? Is this because I'm dehydrated? I don't like it.

Friday I went and saw Chala's performance piece at this fundraiser for Summerworks shows. It was pretty neat. All the pieces I saw were kind of cool.. but I left at intermission because it was going very long and getting a little repetitive. I'd seen Chala's piece anyhow, and that was what mattered.

I went over to Tamara's house and we drank some "canada cooler" which was surprisingly tasty considering it came in a pop bottle. Then we went to this bar where Chala's friend were having another sort of fundraiser. To support a literacy through hiphop program. It was not really our scene.

So we went back to my house and Dana came over and we hung out.
Then tired Tamara went home and me and Dana went night-swimming.
Sweet, sweet nightswimming. It's really helping move my summer along.

Saturday I worked an Argos game. It was really slow and I didn't make enough money.. but I got to work on 500 and visit with Sandy and eat pizza, so it was alright.
I'm not liking work as much these days.. Not sure why. But that's probably good since so, so quickly I'm going to have to find a new job.
Ugh! I hate job search!

After the game Dana came over and then we met Sarah and went to a house party filled with people we didn't know. Leslie came and met us there and then the MCDA was almost together again at long last. We won't really be complete until Niki moves here and parties down.
We felt awkward and sober so we tried to spread the MCDA word and make people pay attention to us. With limited success.
The best part for me was making the biggest shadow puppets ever. We were up on the 3rd floor balcony and I put my fingers in front of the outdoor lamp and the shadows stretched across a couple of rooftops.

Yesterday I went to Hillside with Tamara! Hillside is an outdoor music festival a ways from here (very much like Ness Creek) and it ended up that Tamara's friend couldn't go on Sunday so I went. Party!
We drove out in the morning and went to Orangeville to pick up her parents' van in case we were going to stay over so we'd have a place to sleep. We went to her mum's art store called Dragonfly Arts on Broadway. Hahah how perfect is that name? It's so funny how we're attracted to people with the same kinds of backgrounds. And my whole family would love this store. And my mum's paintings and my aunts' and cousin's and my crafts would fit right in.
Tamara's mum was really really great and I did end up getting one gift there that's exceptionally nice.

Then we drove to the concert and immediately went swimming in the lake. Ohhhhh lake. I really had troubles getting out. It was just so nice and cool and rocky and weedy and there were minnows around my ankles. Mmmhmm. It got shockingly deep really quickly so you could basically dive in.
Ugh. It was nice.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around and listening to different kinds of music. And sitting in the shade and eating and sunning ourselves. Next year I want to go for the whole weekend and do all of the workshops and drum circles and stuffs. It all looked like a lot of fun.
The food there was pretty incredible. Tonnes of veg options and lots of interesting eats. We ate a lot of ice cream and roti and crispy tofu sandwich and fried rice and butter tarts.

In terms of concert; we saw the Sadies, Constantines and Feist. The Sadies were a fun dance party but it was so effing hot in that tent. Constantines were really good. They didn't play Onto You though. And the bassist was extremely irritating. But it was a nice show. Feist was good, she's very charismatic and interesting to watch and I like some of the songs much better live than recorded.. so yeah.

I'm an interesting concert-goer. I don't know how I feel about concerts. I mostly only like going to smaller shows. And I like knowing the people who are performing and I like having a dance party and I like knowing all the words.

Oh yeah, we also hung out a bit with Morgan, Rebecca, Jamie and their friends for awhile off and on. They were there for the whole weekend, lucky bums.

We drove home late at night and night driving is always a bit stressful, but we got home alright. And bed felt good. So I slept forever almost.

I have no plans for today.. or for the next few days really. I did watch "Shall We Dance" today and a lot of daytime TV.
I believe I will continue on in this pattern..

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