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2006.06.15 5:44 p.m.

New /private... because I'm having a writing kind of an afternoon.

So I've picked a new headshot. As soon as I scan it I will show it to you and you will have to be supportive and glad and tell me that I've never looked more beautiful and young and marketable and still intelligent.
And all of that.

Worked last night. With one of the few older men who serve beer. I didn't like him that much. I will call him Turtle Doug. On account of he looks like a turtle and is named Doug. Turtle Doug has opinions. And he's worked there for way, way too long and feels like I should want to do things his way even when it has no effect on him at all. I like to do things my way though.
I'm like Buffy Sainte-Marie that way.

It was an alright night though. Some moneys, some good visiting with Sandy and other crew.

I went to the Embassy afterwards for a show. There were too many people there. Just too, too many. No place to stand or move. Like a sauna. And I had a headache. But it was still good. Saw Morgan, Jamie, Chris, Tim, Sophia, Rebecca, Gwyneth, David, Stef, Lauren, Dana, Leslie, Jack, even Andrea from highschool. And Nathanael came and met me there.
Yeah. A lot of people.
Me and Sophia went for pizza afterwards and had good chatter. But I still had a headache. It sucks when I'm not in the mood for a party when there's a party.

Oh my god, Pandora has taken over my life. I'm getting pretty into Melanie. Miranda's BF, Jordan, told me about her. And she is reminiscent of Joanna Newsom. And good.
And I'm all over Lucinda Williams. Especially this song that Tamara sent me, Joy. It's kind of addictive.
Pandora plays Janis Ian that I've never heard and old David Bowie that is almost country.

Today I had lunch with Miranda. I met her at city hall, where she's working. On my way there I ran into my friend (another blue Dave's) Hilary, and met her son, Lee, for the first time. He's TWO. He's two years old. Where does the time go. He's quite the looker and was very polite. Awww. I'd like to hang out with Hilary and Lee. I should arrange that.

Miranda and I went for pad thai. Miranda is always good news. And I'm always surprised at how beautiful she is.
That happens a lot these days.
How is everyone I know so, so good looking?

I went and met with my agent, Chris, to decide pictures. Luckily we agreed on the picture. It is kind of a neat shot. I was pretty relieved. And glad. He thinks it's good for now.
At some point I would like the experience of going to the best photographer. Getting the best pictures of me.
I'd better save up.

If only money was always such an object. And an obstacle.

J Adam is in town today. Had another audition (um.. I'd like an audition?) so I'm going to see him later. And I'm glad. He says "Do you want to do something fun and exciting tonight?", that can only have one answer. The fun and exciting might turn into eating take-out and watching TV, but considering how exhausted I am, it seems nice.

I was supposed to see David this afternoon. But he hasn't called me. I miss him. We were planning on getting a bottle of wine and pouring our hearts out. If that isn't a great summertime afternoon activity then I don't know what is.

I'm going to be working at the Big Chill this weekend for Taste of Little Italy. That could be fun. And I'll get to see the kids, Rory especially, who I miss hanging out with.

How did my life all-of-a-sudden get so filled up and thick with fun?

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