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2006.02.18 10:57 a.m.

The ups are good. I'm not sure how long I can live this lifestyle of extreme ups and downs though.

Yesterday I had an audition for this Ryerson student film. It was another chance for the audition I missed last week because of the cattle call I got stuck in.
It ended up being really, really fun. There was just the director guy and then the guy who's playing the other part (it's just a two-character drama about a brother and sister) and they were both really nice. And there were re-writes to the script since the sides they sent me and all the chances were totally things that I would have fixed and it's a really nice script. Good solid dialogue.

Yeah, the guy playing the brother was such a good actor though. It made me exceedingly happy and I got distracted by it in a good way. I totally bought what he was about and just reacted. He used the props and things so well and took it so seriously/casually. Hard to explain.
The director also knew just how to put things so that I understood them, never saying lines for me, but saying what he wanted to hear from them.
And they just seemed like cool (and more importantly funny) kids.

Then they called me a couple of hours later and said I could have the part if I want it. And I do! So I have a rehearsal for it. Oh the party all the time.

Also: the Metric music video is now on tv and I have a sneaking suspicion you can see me in it in you look closely. That's kind of fucking sweet. So if you hear Poster of a Girl, look up and try and see me!

Party at Devon's last night. I stayed until 4 or so for some reason. Who knows why?
I only started drinking at like 2, so I'm still tipsy this morning. Why does drinking make everything feel better?
There were lots of my little babies there. So good to see and look and feel everyone again. Chris and Carla were there and they're fucking amazing. Too funny. And it was nice seeing Devon again - I always forget that we're friends. And Nathanael and Damon and really all the boys are such dreamboats. Yeah. Felt good.
Though I think I might be getting tired of this whole teenage-style partying thing. You know where everyone's too fucked up to walk. It seems pretty lame. I mean, once in a while, sure. But it's bizarre.
And then they were all doing cocaine. That also made me feel odd. It makes me think about deal-breakers. I don't really have a need in my life for harder drugs.

This one guy that I want to be make out with a bit was there. He's just ridiculously forward and persuasive and likes making out a whole lot. And that's very attractive.
He was the one I kind of madeout with whilst dating Nick. Because I'm a good person.

I let a guy who I'd just watched smoke a joint with cocaine in drive me home. That's my form of getting high.

It's too cold out and I'm supposed to meet P and Ali and Jenn at Aunties. But it's soooo cold. Why, why the weather?

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