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2004.11.07 4:20 p.m.

(nobody broke your heart
you broke your own 'cos you can't finish what you start
nobody broke your heart
if you're alone then it must be you that wants to be apart.)

well. my updating time just gets later and later. this is getting bizarre.
now the day's half gone and i still have to talk about yesterday. the excitement never ends.

i really didn't do much yesterday. at all. i sat around a lot. talked to my mother. talked to fraser on the phone for vast amounts of time. talked to niki on the phone. played interweb. listened to music. read my book.
mostly i just whined about my sore ankle. but it did really hurt.
it's better today though, and i'm glad, i was getting kind of worried.

oh i also talked to ali and she says our tuition is due in like two weeks. which is hilarious since i don't have the money to pay for it. at all. whatsoever.
so those of you who were worried about me going back to school, don't be. looks like i'm staying here.

i talked to john last night for too long because we can never get off the phone especially because he insists on playing loud 'come sail away' in my ear. mother trucker.
so i ended up going to his place and we sat around for awhile and i looked through some of his things and saw some of his old pictures. his brother's pretty hot. and i tried to make the conversation awkwarder and awkwarder but john's pretty hard to bother i think. which i like about him.
then niki and joel came over to watch laugh in so we all got into john's bed (my theories on hanging out in people's beds seem to be pretty good). i like spending time with people watching bad televsion and laughing. and we ate ice cream cake and chocolate. which is definitely a part of my diet.
and i like it when niki gives me a backrub because it's my life's goal to get as many rubdowns (what an awesome awesome word) as possible.
in a hot way. (oh geez i'm so repetitive and predictable.)

you probably shouldn't spend any time with john and i because we'll just end up yelling annoying visa card commercial dialogue at you. how fun.

i didn't even alter the time of this entry.

this morning i talked to fraser on the phone for a long time again. and i just got off the phone with him again now. it's a good thing he loves me otherwise he'd probably have killed me.
also good thing our entire relating has been based on too-long phone conversations and my over-analysing of everything.

i'm supposed to drive my cousin's cat and car back to her at some point today. besides that i have no plans. that feels good. i need to get started on my christmas planning i think. i'm eating a christmas orange.

ew i hate it when there's things i want to talk about on here but can't because of how some people will read it and because of how i don't even want everyone to know what i'm thinking i just want to digest it in form of writing about it but i won't get around to writing it unless there's a promise/threat of someone paying attention to it. i'll write it elsewhere.
i have really sick ways of interacting with everyone.

i might have maybe forgotten to mention how i'm married. but i guess it's official. will gave me a giant beautiful ring on friday. size is really what i'm about. and it even fits my fat finger nicely.
we actually hung out quite a bit at the show. obviously. and it was really nice. but then i got in a bad mood and i don't remember when i stopped being able to communicate properly with people.
i talked to will on the phone for too long today. that seems to be the theme of my weekend. too long of telephone conversations. and i think i was probably being worst in this one. judging by how many times i said he was an asshole. it's actually shocking that i have any friends. but he's going to call me every five minutes and then eventually we might hang out.......if things organize themselves that way. or maybe if there's an earthquake and it shifts us physically close together because he's bad at making plans except for things that he really cares about. oh hhahahahahahah. sorry.
any interaction between us is bound to be interesting because our approaches to everything are so horrendously opposite.
will is my best husband friend.
....point being. yeah. i like stuff?

ew i hate the internet.

i'm such a girl. i'm serious guys. niki thinks that i'm ridiculous and she is right. niki's not a ho.
but she's also not home when i call so what's up with that?

ew i just got on the phone again. that's dumb. this time with chris noseworthy. priscilla wasn't home because she hates me. fair enough. i miss them a lot.

this entry is overly long for not saying anything.
so, yeah, call me every five minutes.

oh, gotta go, the grey cup is on.

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