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2007.08.14 2:42 p.m.

Dana left the American edition of Elle magazine at my house. I've had a subscription to Elle Canada for the past couple of years. Whoa, the American edition is ridiculously better. Instead of articles which are trite and boring, this magazine had articles I didn't even mean to read which seriously pulled me in. I've never had any interest in Obama's wife, now I do, and if I lived in the states I might even take an interest in this election. It had a memoir beautiful piece about a daughter losing her father to cancer (and finding out that they were secretly part black). The article about Rosie O'Donnell was right on for me. Even the interview with Lindsay Lohan was pretty captivating.
It made me want to be a journalist. I've never wanted to be a journalist (well except vaguely every few years or so).
Actually, I think I've warped myself by never reading a newspaper except 24 and Metro, which are the two worst pieces of garbage and should only be used for their crosswords, wordy-gurdies, and sudokus. I guess I read Now Magazine, but mostly for the music listings and Savage Love.

I'm still feeling slightly ill. I've been sleeping a lot lately. I'm stocking up for the next stretch of working. And I'm mildly depressed and don't feel like being awake a lot of the time.

I watched a lot of TV yesterday and Sunday, more than I've watched in the past couple of months probably. It's really, really enjoyable to lie around for hours and not move. No but really.

Dana called me Sunday eve and then brought some food over and we had dinner. And drank mint tea and ate a lot of chocolate. Then we lay around and watched TV. It didn't matter what it was, we just watched it. We even watched Degrassi and Instant Star. Instant Star is actually remarkably better than Degrassi. Nick's new Tim Horton's and Future Shop commercials were on every two minutes. I think they're really funny but it might just be because I think Nick is really funny. I bet he totally can't go into Tim Horton's anymore. At least not without getting called Bagel Boy.
I hope when my MTV commercials air I get called Eyeball Girl.
Dana is pretty sad these days. We complained a lot and vaguely looked for solutions. Vaguely.

In one of my dreams last night I got a roll of film developed but it turned out to be from years ago. But I didn't remember any of the events in the photos.

One of my eyes is really hurting and I don't know why. I haven't worn my contacts in a couple of days. Maybe it's in withdrawal. I'd love a new pair of glasses. Ones that I actually liked/looked good in.

I really succeeded in doing nothing yesterday. I made cookies and wrote a bit. But besides that I mostly watched TV. It felt like an accomplishment somehow.

Today is the first day of working every day for the foreseeable future.
The time that I can go back to Saskatoon for keeps getting shortened. I'm going to have to go ahead and book my flights so that I have to stop booking more and more things in.
Right now it's looking like going home on Monday the 27 and coming back here around September 7th or 8th. Hopefully.

Luckily one of the reasons it's getting pushed back is a teeny tiny theatre piece Norman is writing for me to do.
And because I will still be in town, I am very strongly considering attending Fake Prom. It looks amazing. It would be more amazing if I had a super-babe to attend with. Someone to lose my fake virginity to. Yeah.
I wonder what JTT is doing that night.

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