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2004.11.18 9:55 a.m.

well i'm home. safe. aiaiaghaghah. it's a good thing that i'm young and youth is the time when we decide to do stupid things like drive all night from calgary in the pitch black and then go straight to work..
yeah. i'm sure going to work right away here. and hillary's probably already there. holy god. and we're both big babies about getting enough sleep too.

but yeah. party time! the roadtrip was pretty fun i'd have to say.

we left here about 5 on tuesday and drove up to drumheller. it was dark. we hate night highway driving, it sucks bum. and we ran over a deer! an already dead deer (with it's guts all over the highway), but a deer none the less. it was pretty unnerving.
anyway, we got to drumheller and went to the travelodge and watched gilmore girls (yeah! roadtrip! partytime!) and then we went drinking at bo diddly's..which was actually pretty fun. except for that i drank too much obviously. the woman who ran it was really nice and gave us good deals and such. but i drank too much. and my stomach hurt a lot. and i banged my head on the bedside table and now i have a bruise on my face. great.
and then my stomach hurt forever. i hate it. it drives me insane. i can't eat or drink anything. even at this very moment i'm trying to think of something that won't bother it that will give me energy to get through the day...

but yeah. we had breakfast at dino's and had a quick drive around drumheller and looked at the giant dinosaurs.
then we drove to calgary and went to ikea. which was big. i bought little tiny baby christmas balls. hillary bought the whole store. and then i had to help her carry it out. it was fun though. ikea's weird. it has good things for babies.
the frozen yogurt wasn't the best.

we met hillary's parents for supper at the olive garden and it was pretty fun. wow, some places sure know how to make me feel unclassy. not that i ever feel classy, per se, but you know..
hillary's parents are very funny. specifically her crazy dad. it's hard to describe how he's funny, so you'll just have to trust me.

so then we went to r.e.m. and partied! yeah. i was tired then. 15 hours ago. oh god. they were so good though. awww the babies. michael stipe was soooo cute and he humped and stuck his bum out and shook..i like it when boys are good dancers. i also like it when people dance with their pelvises. hot.
my favorite that they played was probaly 'walk unafraid' and it was so good. they didn't do a bunch i expected them too and they played a lot i really didn't know. what good guys.
hillary got a shirt and i got a button/sticker pack. mm buttons.
good story.
and weirdly enough we saw sh aun m ason and terr y ma ttson there. that was funny. good thing we like them okay. so we made awkward small talk for awhile...which is always terrible amounts of fun!

fuck i wish i hadn't have forgotten maggi's cellnumber here. i'm so lame.

my expressions of the roadtrip were mostly 'that's fuct!" and "hot shit". oh oh, also "i want to hit that shit" and "i want to get that shit wet".
terrible. mostly i didn't say that in front of hillary's parents though. i bet they're glad.

the drive home just now was pretty awful. we were both so out of it. and it was so so black. it felt like we were about to drive off into nothing at any second. also we were paranoid about hitting a deer. so badly. we stopped and almost-slept at a closed gas station and then finally took turns dozing while the other drove. it worked out though. and now we only have to get through work today! together! i can see it ending well.

i just want to go to sleep. no lie.
i think we're supposed to have rehearsal tonight. i'll probably be able to get up for that...maybe.

yeah. so. good. roadtrip. you can go back to calling me every five minutes now that i'm home.

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