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2005.03.10 1:44 p.m.

oh my god. brie grilled cheese is the best ever. with avacado. with tomato. by itself. any way really.
oh goodness. brie is cheap and plentiful and so beautiful.

i had a very good night last night.

priscilla was back around (turns out she'd been back around for awhile but just not bothered to let me know. cunt.) so she and i and nick went to the red room for food. that was fun. she was in a bad mood and kept yelling, which was pretty funny.
they got along right off, which i was pleased with. priscilla's pretty good at getting along with everyone. or maybe i just only introduce her to good people.
then we all went to my house and she made nick play guitar and sing and he didn't feel put on the spot at all. but it was very good. so good. man. i want him to give me recordings so i could listen to it all the time.

we all got into my bed and i think it's wonderful when people are that comfortable with each other right off. but there, again, that's priscilla for you. and also nick. i'm glad. i can't stand people that i feel the need to babysit or protect or whatevs.

priscilla eventually left and nick stayed over which was really nice although i'm actually going to need to start getting some sleep. it's hard when there are always people in my bed.
i'm more impressed by our interaction by the day. and with him. i was so bent set on not being impressed with him.
i warned him about the two weeks though. for real. and it made me sad.

i hope that niki got to montreal alright. she hasn't called yet. that no good. ah, well, i'll call there soon if i don't hear.
ride shares seem slightly sketchy.

i like my teacher john more and more every day. he and allan are the only things that make my program worthwhile. serious. he's just so amusing. jen made him look at her dominican vacation pictures and he did such a good job of being interested. i was almost falling over at how attentive and excited he was being about it. i hope + suspect he was partially mocking her.

john has two auditions today and i fear that he'll keep leaving us for better work. that's what sucks about having good teachers. sometimes they have better things to do.

michael would never have better things to do. god damn what a pain in my bum.

oh good lord i need to go home to sweet sweet brie.

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