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2006.08.10 3:40 p.m.

There's bits of cookie batter underneath my nails.

Yeah. I'm home.

Wednesday was a little crazy. I was feeling extremely tired and lethargic and worried about how generally apathetic I was feeling.
I biked around town and shopped and sweated like a maniac. I met Miranda for lunch at City Hall and we sat outside and talked. She kind of wanted to go shopping but I refused to walk anywhere.
I can't believe how quickly she's moving back to Halifax. Summers are never long enough.

After lunch I shopped some more and managed to not buy too many things for me.. although I did get a sweet pair of pearl studs.
Mmm studs.

I met Sarah at work and we worked together at a busier stand and did some sweet dance moves, spread the MCDA-word and generally partied down.

After work I went home and packed. And tried to finish up some stuff. And tidy up a bit.
Then I left around 4am to go to the airport. Fuck my bag was heavy. I need to invest in proper luggage. It's ridiculously frustrating.
Also I just barely missed my bus and so I had to wait around for years while very creepy old men made passes at me and homeless men asked me if I wanted something to drink and cabs slowed down every two seconds to offer me a ride.
Yes, that is usually how I hail a taxi, sitting at a busstop on my luggage against the wall.

My flight was alright, but I had to switch planes in Winnipeg so I couldn't sleep right though, so I was pretty grouchy and tired.
I did managed to sleep through the part where they give you juice. I love juice and therefore I was disappointed.

My mum and brother came to meet me, Emry carried all the bags and me and mum just sat around.
We went home and mum made me some lunch and we looked at all the things I had brought back like cothes I've made and gifts for people and ginger candies.

Then I had a nap all afternoon in my mother's bed. The cats mostly slept with me too, which was nice.

We met up with the rest of the fam at the Fringe for dinner. We went to Broadway Cafe and the kids were adorable and the adults were witty, you know, same old, same old.

Then we wandered around the fringe for awhile.
Eventually all the fam left and I hung out with Alisin mostly and saw lots of friends but didn't really spend quality time with any of them..

The first person I saw at the fringe was Alvin. Which was unnerving. He looks skinny and punky. He was hanging out in front of 7-11 so it was exactly like highschool. Exactly.
There was one summer there that I spent all of the Fringe stalking him.
Oh I don't know what to think about that kid.

I saw Constantine and Jeffmorton as well. Also people I've stalked at the Fringe in the past. Lucky that I ran into Jm because he was only in town for 12 hours and it was nice to see him.. no matter how completely bizarre he might be.

Constantine had adopted the very tight pants look - or as he says : "they've adopted me". He looked good. He always looks good. And we hugged a lot and I'm still enamoured with him of course. I'm looking forward to GCPs and hilarious jokes.
I think he'll be really into MCDA. Yeah, I think so.

Alisin seems and looks well. We adapt old patterns so easily. We habitually stand with our bellies togther.. which is an odd, odd thing to do. And remarkably comfortable.
We sat in the Yard for awhile and I drank a lot of gingerale and ate ginger candies and talked about boys.

There were a couple of babes around the fringe I noticed.. but I haven't made any movesss yet.
Ohh babes.

Today I had bad cramps so I lay around for awhile. Then I made a lot of cookies. Chocolate ones and spice sugar cookies.

I love this house. I really really love this house. I do I just love it.

Soon I'm going to go do the dishes and start making supper. I think my aunt and cousin are going to come over too, so that'll be nice. I like my family.

And I think I'll go back to the Fringe tonight. Seems likely. I want to see Steph and Angie more and look at the clothes they've made and I want to scope for babes. A summer fling babe.

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