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2006.04.21 12:57 p.m.

Ugh. Sooo it turns out that if you drink all day (like around 12 hours for instance) you get hung over. Quelle surprise!

Fun day yesterday.

It's been so nice out lately. Though seriously my apartment is already hotter than outside.

Shopped in Kensington and spent too much money on things like cheese (I could possibly live off cheese alone..) and vodka.
I bought vodka in a pretty bottle because instead of having a liquor collection (like that'd ever last), I'm going to have a liquor-bottle collection.

I met Ali for brunch at aunties. I was waiting there for a bit for her and I didn't look around and then as we were sitting down out strolls Hayden and Howie. Oh Hayden. What a dreamboat rockstar babe. He'd hate anyone saying that about him I bet.
It was good, our first patio brunch of the year.. oh beautiful. We sat in the sun and I didn't even burn..close maybe (oooo I'm excited for freckles). We got fresh-squeezed juice and put vodka in it. That's what summer is about.
David's been working on his EP with Howie and he's got a few tracks completed which he let us listen to on his ipod. Fuck they were good.
There's just something about David's voice that's too beautiful. And his lyrics are clever and specific and well-said.

Later I went and met other David for drinks at bistro 422. We drank beer and ate nachos and I realized why I'be been missing him so much. Because he's really awesome. I'd say he's probably the best (and most active) listener I know. And actually gives proper opinions on things and is interested. If I could be half as good of a listener I'd be happy.
I'm hoping that I'll see him more often now that he and his gf have decided not to incubate-and-bond to such degrees anymore.

I called him afterwards to ask for fashion advice and left a message saying get back to me.. so he called today to give me a detailed response on what could be right or wrong about this outfit and added that if I wanted to model said outfit for him then he would give me clearer answer.

Then I went to Sophia's house to pre-drink (cause I hadn't been doing enough of that) and I hung out for a bit with her and her roommate, Marika.
I really like these two. They went to highschool with Devon and it's funny because they're all kind of alike.. abrasive and funny.

We went to see Jamie's band at silver dollar. Met all the rest of the Ryerson kids there. Ugh. They're all so nice.
Nathanael called and was across the street at El-mo and so we both went outside and met in the middle to chat and have a cigarette. Then we went our separate ways again.
Jamie's band was good. Better than I expected. Lots of instruments and good beat. Jamie was very cute and I liked that they had a girl singer and a boy singer.
Afterwards Jamie said the only things he could see (blinded by the stagelights) were my "little legs". Cause I was dancing a bit and no one else was. Ridiculous.
I told him "these little legs are magic!"

Andreakell was there and she knew Sophia and Marika from highschool. Which is ridiculous because I know Andrea from highschool. Before she moved to Saskatoon she went to school with them. And also with Devon, it turns out. What an effing small world.

Chala came right after they finished but the next band, The Coast, was really good. And we danced. And the band was full of babes. And so we looked at them. With our eyes.
And also made plenty of bits for Major Babes: the motion picture.
Ugh I love Chala.

Nathanael came right as the show was ending and walked me home. We stopped to get popsicles and starburst.
He came up and hung out with me for a really long time. I don't know how long because of how stupid drunk I was. But it was really nice. Really nice and well-needed. We drank water and ate candy and just talked about a lot of random things.
He's going to bring his guitar over soon and play me everything he's been working on. I'm so glad. aw the little one.

I like it when days are filled right up with people I like. Not every day, but occasionally it's fun to not really be home at all.

I have stuff to figure out about how to work things today. Stupid conflictions.

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