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2006.02.03 10:53 a.m.

Well, the bank machine scared me pretty bad yesterday. It said I had -$94. Woah. But it's just because of them holding my cheques. Which is dumb and I'm sure we've been over this before, idiot bank. But at least they didn't bounce my rent cheque, they just won't let me have any of my money.
Even though my skydome moneys were direct deposited into there today, they won't let me have them.
What the hell?
Banks are ridiculous.

I just crushed up an applecinnamon granola bar and put it into my vanilla yogurt and it was overly delicious.
I need fresh pants.

Yesterday Ali and I went down to the school to have lunch with our teacher, Christina. While down there we ran into Diana and Catherine and kids we knew. It was pretty fun. We admitted we miss it.
Then we went and poked our heads in at John and were all like "is that THE John Bourgeois!?" and we giggled and hid our faces. But he just lit up and is so rewarding to visit.
What a lovely man.
Then we went for lunch with Christina and it was nice. We talked about a lot of business/industry type things. It looks like Christina's husband David's show might get picked up by CTV. That'd be really hottt.
Christina seemed down about how dead it is out there. And it is depressing. But it will pick up. It has to.

Then I went to Ali's and printed off my cover letters for agents. Ali helped and I think we did good.
We'll see when I send out all my packages I guess.

I had coffee with Mairin's friend dirk yesterday. It was nice. Good chatter and I like new people. They say things I haven't heard all the time. Usually.

I came home and hung out with Figleaf for a bit. He likes to sit on my new while I compute and be petted. For long periods of time. It's kind of nice actually. Especially because he doesn't slobber or put his claws into me. Unlike most of the cats I know.

And he only woke me up once last night. That's progress!

I went over to my friend Dave's house last night late. To eat sunchips and play asshole. We hung out with his roommate and I won in the end. I like leaving all victorious and shit.
It was really nice, actually. Hanging out.

Today I'm shooting, then I have an audition later on. That I haven't prepared for. But I feel like it will be fine.
I really don't want to go to anymore auditions because I don't want my winning streak to end.

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