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2007.09.26 3:38 p.m.

I started a new job last night. On the 27th floor of a downtown skyrise. Views out onto the lake. Doing catering for functions and events there with SarahB. It was supposed to be a three-hour unpaid training shift. I don't think I have ever actually stayed and worked a job that had an unpaid training period, but I have definitely done a couple of them. I've never heard of that happening in Saskatoon. But they ended up needing me for the whole night so SarahB talked to the boss and I'll get paid for the whole shift. In theory. I like that theory. I like money.
The job was alright. It wasn't hard or anything, but it was annoying in places. I'm also not a very good server, which I didn't bother to mention to them. But I'm bad with wine and clearing especially. And bad with manners and etiquette, which is maybe why I work in sports arenas and not fine dining. I don't like being bad at jobs.

I don't mean to jinx it, but it looks like I'll actually be okay for jobs this winter. How fantastic would that be? It probably means that I won't come home for the month of December, but I will definitely be back for two weeks at least. And two non-working weeks would probably be better than a working-month.

I've been feeling ill. My insides have stopped working again. I was hearing on The View that gluten and dairy have been linked to Autism. Weird. I wonder if I have gluten issues. I definitely have dairy issues that I ignore.
The best part of the catering job was the extreme amount of food I brought home with me. It was intense all the stuff they were throwing out. And how they were pushing us to eat it/take it. It lead to me eating way too much and then feeling gross, but it's still great. I brought home a buttload and cookies and veges and cheese (goat's cheese! havarti! brie!).

SarahB and I went out afterwards for a pint and to try and do some creative work. We ended up spending the evening discussing my TV show, still tentatively titled Impunity Jane. Looks like SarahB might be extremely helpful with it. She wants to work in television/film but doesn't have that much of an interest in writing... we might be able to work it out. She good at Getting Things Done. And I am not.

Yeah I got cable TV. Whatever. It's hot. Except now I just want more and more channels. I'm thinking Much and MTV and Movie Network and IFC need to come into my life. Especially since I want to pitch my show to Movie Network. So bad. Or Showcase maybe. Hmm.
Time-shifting is amazing. I got home at midnight last night and still got to watch the new episode of House.
Um, House without his team is just stupid though. No seriously. Those actors must have been so pissed to lose their jobs. I'm not giving up on him yet though.

Also, I watched Gossip Girl. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. OKAY FINE I LOVE IT I WANT TO WATCH IT EVERY DAY.
Shit. There are just too many babes. It is not my fault. Any TV show with babes (even if they are a little young) is addictive. I just like to look at them. And Penn Badgley??? I'm sorry but goddammit.
I love the world of TV, where you can play a college student and then jump back and play an 11th grader (although who the hell even knows what grade they're in - they never seem to attend class. Ever).

My show is probably going to be successful on account of just how many babes there are going to be. Babes for every taste. Fuck I'm excited for the casting of that OMG (or as I like to call it - Finding My New Boyfriend(s)).


Randomly I got a home phone. That's bizarre. When they were coming to install my cable they offered me a home phone free for three months, no contract. Just $4 or something for something something. So whatevers, I hit that. I'm really enjoying it, it's such a novelty. I hooked up my old rotary to it. Awesome.

ACC again tonight. Hockey? Who knows even? Hopefully something where I make all the money. I'm trying to work on the show to send to SarahB.
It's do or give up time for this show. If it doesn't get made right away then I won't be able to play the role. And the damn show's not getting made without me starring in it.

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