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2007.04.20 1:15 p.m.

New /private entry.

This morning on The View Joy was talking about how she loves how her daughter lives in the same apartment building as her. I miss my mum. A lot. I'd like to be able to see her more. I wonder if my life will ever construct itself to allow that.
I wish affection was as easy between friends as it is between family.

It's hard to write a regular and a /private entry at the same time.

Been working a lot. These days, now it's getting warmer, I love walking down to skydome. Really slowly though with a coffee and browsing through shops on the way. I like to get there early enough to run about and socialize. Wednesday there was pretty crazy busy. But I was working a Keith's draft stand and they've raised the prices to $10 even for a large one (which is, of course, outrageous) and this means no tips. Virtually everyone gets two big ones, which comes to $20, they give me a twenty, end of transaction. There's no change to give back, no change to go in my tip jar... a little frustrating. Not that it's not still the sweetest job ever. But.
I'm a complainer.

After work I went by Nick's show and caught the last few songs. Holy hell is Nick ever good. Now I love Sweet Thing. I really do... but I might love Nick's new band more. It has more street cred anyhow. I do love dancing to Sweet Thing though.. I don't know if I could give that up.
Afterwards Sophia and Jo and I went for drinks at Red Room. I ran into my old pals Scott and Sean. They were in the theatre program while I was in the acting for film program at Humber. They are very fun and we ended up joining tables with them and their friend. We drank a lot of pitchers and yelled a lot of funny things. It was very nice.

Day game yesterday and it was all kids. But we still did alright and had time to gossip and eat junk food. I want to go to a game.

After work I went to David's and we went and did his laundry. Bought juice at the 7-11 and sat on the sidewalk outside the laundrymat. Then we went to his house and Sarah and he and I watched videos on youtube for awhile. Because our lives are that exciting.

Baby-sat Ana last night. It was nice. Her dad and his friend were home for about an hour while I was there. Looking after kids while their parents are around is much harder. They are different people, it's very hard to be the one in charge when the parents are clearly alpha. Luckily Ana's parents are very cool, and the way they interact with her (super straight-forward and open and firm) makes it easier for me to interact with her. Ana and I made jello again and played with her dollhouse and read a great number of books (because that's my favourite thing to do with babies). After her dad left she was fine. No problems going to sleep, and was very sweet. She's quite neat and funny and tends to look at me like I'm completely insane. Which I probably am.

Today I have the day off. And it's about 20 degrees outside! And the sun is out. And I'm going to have coffee on a patio somewheres and do a lot of nothings, just try and stop me.

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