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2006.11.20 4:02 p.m.

Whoa. I would like nothing better than to have nothing to do today.
Oh work. How pointless!

And I just have so much other stuff to get done. Mainly:
-magazine (boy I should really get on that)
-christmas shopping (if I am going to reach my goal of being 90% done by the time I go home I am going to have to haul ass)
-the making of the crafts

Saturday night was pretty hellish in that coat-check box. Yeah. I just don't like it. It's so weirdly stressful and people are constantly questioning your competence. Which is ridiculously draining.

It's funny how much I can resent drunk people considering how much time I spend drunk.

Yesterday was a fairly satisfactory day off. I accidentally slept until 2 pm. Then I got up and cleaned like I've never cleaned before. I really did clean pretty hard. And it wasn't all that unpleasant (though I could think of many things I'd rather be doing).
I finally took the airconditioner out of the window. How nice it is to have my kitchen window back!!! Oh the light! Oh the view! I'm such a fan. I'm so much in love with my apartment. It's very scary.
But how at home I feel...

I had a girl come to look at the apartment to sublet it yesterday. And she wanted it. And I wanted her to have it. So we came to an agreement! One less stress in my life. And she seems very nice. And she seems to be the same kind of person as me and my friends. And she's fine with me leaving all the dishes and bedding and things. Which will make packing things up easier.

Niki came over last night and made ginger cookies. And they were the best she's made yet (possibly due to using the right amount of eggs...). And I made curried beans and rice, using the curry powder that Megan gave me for Christmas last year. I'd been saving it for a special occasion... which then occurred to me was a weird thing to do. It was very good.
We talked about boys. And discussed Nigel and Joda's odd sense of humour (of lack thereof). We'd like to tests to see where their humour lies. I'd like to have them watch Laugh In. Mmhmm.

Then I went to Clinton's to see The Weather Station. I'm constantly surprised by home much I love them. I shouldn't be considering how much I go on about it... but they are so, so good. And they only get better. They did a cover of a Constantines song and it was impossibly nice.
I am in awe.

We went to Victory for drinks afterwards and I had mint tea. It was so what I wanted at that particular moment. I was oddly excited by it.

I really hope that everyone I love comes to my Christmas/birthday party next weekend. How nice that would be...
And I've been downloading and overload of Christmas music. And I found two more Buffy Sainte-Marie songs today that I hadn't had... that's always a treat since I seem to have almost all of what's available of hers on the interweb.

If I get off at a reasonable time today I will craft! And that will keep my spirits up for sure.

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