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2007.11.28 5:51 p.m.

Three days in a row! I'm avoiding doing actual writing! For sure!

I wonder if it were that I was as good of a poet as Bob Hicok, if then I would be completely content. Because, good god damn, is he ever good. And I feel as though my life would be complete if I could make words fulfill me in the ways that his do.

I am writing today. A bit. And editing. Which is just as important. There's some nice pieces for the next Et Puis? magazine. I hope.

I was in a much better mood yesterday. Which was great for all parties involved. I did a whole great lot of nothing all day. Well, played Scrabulous.

Work was good. Smooth and not stressful. Took my break with Note-boat and gave him a note. A note-bird this time, because when I am not being a tremendous bitch, I can be sort of sweet. Not usually though.
Luckily. Barf.

Went out for beer with Miranda afterwards. We were in particularly good moods and being giggly. I think I was hopped up on caffeine. We laughed for about 15 minutes straight over how I have to attend the ACC staff skating party with N-B. It wasn't even funny. It just was. Well. Staff skating parties are pretty dorky.
Miranda and I might go skiing. I haven't been skiing since elementary school. I can only assume that I will be very, very good at it.
I probably shouldn't have gone drinking since that interfered with my getting any work done. But you know I will always choose party above all.

I have a new niece! (or cousin, for those of you who value accuracy over emotion). I want to see her and squeeze her. But I'm sure she'll be even more exciting by the time I get home. Right?

Had brunch with Sophia at Aunties today. Waffles! Sophia and I were also overly-giggly. We need to get our sketches together. We have some pretty good ideas. And I'm pretty excited for playing my brother. I think it'll look good on me. And he's such rich material for sketches. I mean, he goes to Mennonite house-church! And he only likes guns and video games!
Frequently I wonder where he even came from.
That's what you get with donor sperm, I guess.

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