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2006.11.09 3:48 p.m.

Oh writing is hard work when there's too much going on.

I did my first hosting shift by myself on Monday, it went fine. No major eff ups on my behalf, but a couple of annoying customers - quelle surprise. It was very busy for a Monday. Very busy. I don't know why people like it so much.

I got out at a somewhat reasonable time, but then I stayed up watching TV anyway. Man Heroes is a good show.

Turns out the background work was for instantstar! How awkward! That's the TV show that Tyler stars in and Nick was on last year. Film/TV is probably the most hierarchical industry left. Well, close anyway. And background is the lowest of the low. It's extreme how badly it's separated. A lot of the time the BG actors don't get to eat the same food as the rest of the cast and crew. They also get holed up in a tiny room and then bossed about.
This is why I hate doing background. Also, a good chunk of background actors want to be real actors and think they can achieve it this way (which is almost completely untrue), so there's this air of quiet desperation. Or, actually, more vocalized desperation. It's honestly one of the most irritating things. While I'm doing background I generally lie and say I have no interest in acting, and I lie about many other things. Just to avoid getting annoyed. I also like no one (cast and crew) to notice me or pay attention to me.
So it was weird being on set where my friend is the star.

But when I did end up seeing him (his voice carries and it turned out his dressing room was just down the hall from me) it was really nice. He was happy to see me and introduced me to everyone and took me on a tour of the sets. That part was really neat. It was also the sets of the new Degrassi, so I was wandering around in Emma's living room and stuff. And we took our smoke breaks out on the stairs of the school.
I only shot one scene with Tyler and we just made faces at each other, so it wasn't awkward.

But still. The whole thing was pretty depressing and made me feel very hopeless and horrid.
Why not me, you know...

Yesterday was a much better day. I had an audition in the morning and then I went to the gym (for the first time in around five years) and then I had a little voice over gig.
The voice over was very fun. I still don't really know what it was for. I'm an idiot like that. But the guys were very nice and it felt good to finally work on something my agent had set me up with. And I think I did a good job. I do have a neat voice. I should do more voice work. I'd like that. Too bad my agency really doesn't do much of that. Ever.

Then after my voice over gig I made soup. Then I watched TV. Then I went and watched ANTM with Sophia and Jo. And got drunk. Then Tamara and I went to silver dollar to see crazy strings, which we haven't done in way, way too long. But I got a stomach ache (oh belly) and I went home early. Sucks, I was really looking forward to dancing and stuff. Having a hoe-down, etc.

Today is Niki's birthday. So we went for brunch at Aunties. For about four hours. Which is why I have to go in on weekdays, so that it's fine if we sit there forever. David was around and we discussed R.E.M. and other musics. Niki and I discussed everything. Because we were there for four hours.
I had the omelette (of course) and Niki had pear and walnut and brie sandwich. I ate too much. Again.

Tonight I work. Then party. It seems like I only get invited to things that are all happening on the same night.

I'd like to book some acting work soon, so that I could stop feeling so strangled and uncomfortable.

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