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2004.10.02 11:03 a.m.

so i see andrew has suggested having a hallowe'en party at his house. but he said nothing about whether or not i could do it i'll just assume i can.

i'm listening to the weakerthans. i always forget how much i like them. i hear john p. sutton has left. well, if it's to persue his own music..then i'm all for it. but they better get a great new bass player. or i'll cry. maybe fraser could do it.
i really like fraser. i really like annoying him. and pinching him. and sitting too near to him. and talking about boys with him. and girls i guess. but mostly i only ever like talking about me. obviously. fraser likes hallowe'en kisses (the candy i mean). most people don't. they're kind of gross. but mostly delicious.

i have to work some more today. what's with this? and then monday to friday. i better be rich soon. luckily work's pretty fun. otherwise i'd be punching everyone. i still might, but just for fun. it'll be the first time i work when there's lots of us on. that'll be interesting.
gahd when does hillary come home..
work yesterday was stupidly busy. and there was so much to do. it slowed down by the end of the day though. i was glad. i'm getting better though. i don't wreck everything anymore. and mostly they seem to like me. haylee said they said that hillary did a good job hiring me because i fit in.
i'm going to start humping them more and then we'll see who fits where. so to speak. (oh geez.)

i think my hair's finally at a length i'm okay with. i can mostly pull it back. and it's almost peicey enough. and i dyed it dark red again. in a hot way.

i had a really really good time at the show last night. i went to the maybe smith cd release party at phono graphique. that store was far too small to be having a show in. but it was still good. except for the no air and lack of breathing. but whatevs. i spent some good time with fraser and ryanpollard and carlan and steph (who slept a little too much) and willrobbins and john. and i saw a bunch of other people too. it was quite nice. there were so many people there i knew. i really like john. i think a lot of girls do though. he's pretty funny. and easygoing and nice. although we usually just fight. (but it's because there's too much tension. the hot kind i figure.) ew i hope no one he knows reads this and then tells him because i'd be totally mortified! (hahah 'teen 'why me?' moment!!!!)
he says this weeks sheaf comic is dedicated to me and niki. it's clearly about a dance dance revolution. that's terrible! and he's writing one about willrobbins where will fights a republican whale. i'm not sure john's a good comic writer. and i'm sure he's no mattdean/toby/ali.

i like it when i have really nice nights. it makes me realize why i came home. i really can't believe i've been home for a month. it seems alternately so long and so short.

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