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2004.10.28 9:37 a.m.

i'm listening to a mixtape that fraser made for me years ago, that i just found in my basement. it's pretty funny and good. oh punkrock.

all my friends think i'd make a terrible stand-up comedian. thanks for the vote of confidence guys. now i really want to be a comic just to prove them wrong. wow, there's too many things i want to do. and i'd be a fine comic. just fine.
i wish i didn't like stand-up so much. but seriously, it's one of my favorite things. to watch at least. even if it's terrible.

willrobbins has changed his livejournal user picture to one of me, not just one of me but a lame headshot from a couple of years ago. this is getting ridiculous. he wishes he were that pretty. and i don't even have a way of retaliating because i don't save creepy pictures of will on my computer (not like with jamesremier).
luckily i'm going as will for hallowe'en.

chala's mum just called and she said she has a package for me from chala. ooohh i'm excited.

we've pushed the dates of the plays back. to early december. which is good because well, we had no choice as we had no venue and were nowhere near ready.
we'll be needing guest directors, if you want to come and seriously watch a rehearsal and direct, let us know.
it's going to be a pretty good night though i think. with foods and party party and stuff.

i watched most of the santa clause 2 yesterday. mmmm christmas. secret=i like tim allen. i think he's good. and i might go see his new christmas movie. so there. wow, i should just start admitting all the embarassing things about myself right off the bat. to everyone. at all times.
wow, i really want to see the polar express. fraser doesn't though, he doesn't even want to talk about it.

i also did some voice and movement work. the cats don't like my voice work. it makes them worried and they all gather around. i wish i did the work every day.
i had a dream i had to go back to school right away. that'd be strange.

then we had rehearsal last night. and mehta came so that we could make decisions. i am a horrible worker. i can't even explain. seriously. we all are. no, actually poor travis is always trying to get us to do stuff.
ew i hate acting.

but we ran the play and talked about characters and whatnots. i think it'll actually work out. and i think i could make some pretty fun characters. we'll see. if all else fails you'll get to see niki throw her boots.

on our way out niki and i ran into tiger bomb shelling. i attacked him because there's rapists around you know and you should always be on the offensive.
i think john just stays at the university because he has nothing better to do, what with being small in the pants and all. but we gave him a ride (now my truck smells like axe, swooooon!). and discussed our hallowe'en plans. we might go trickortreating!
then me and niki discussed and we think we should also watch laugh in. and lord love a duck. and get joel (aka little plaid) in on it.

i guess i should actually get on that costume business.
or go to work. dammit.
today i'm actually going to do some work.

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