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2006.03.08 5:13 p.m.

Sooo. I just got back from a meeting with my agent. I guess now I'm officially an actor? I vote yes.

It went well. Yes, quite well. He's already talking about stuff he wants to submit me for. And I'm ready? Wellll. Let's hope so.
Ugghghhhghghghgghhgghhhhh I'm scared.
He's really cute and nice though, and seems supportive and also fun. Which is important.

My old boss at the survey place called today to say that they have my $100 gift card thing. hahahaahahahahahahahah ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.
It's funny how money's value has increased radically in my mind.

I like that my agent is within walking distance.
I walked home through chinatown and past the house on Huron Street that I lived in for a couple of months 2 years ago. 2 years ago.
That seems insane.

Chinatown constantly amazes me with its low low prices. I found avacados 2 for $1!!! And strawberries for $1! And 7 oranges for $1! My life just got more delicious.

I stopped in at Cheesemagic to visit my friend Chris/Jakob from Humber. He sold me a bit of brie that was also cheap ($3) and we shot the breeze for a bit. Cheesemagic is funny because it's known for its cute boys. One of the cute boys looks like the babe of Charlotte's life. And seems equally awkward.
I like Jakob. I think I'll make him be my friend. We are neighbours after all.

My back is all messed up from walking home with too many groceries. And cat litter. Cat litter's a killer.

Themarkinside weren't on tv last night. I was sad. Next week maybe? We'll see I guess.
I thought the show, At the Hotel, was quite good though. A bit slow in parts, but nicely acted and beautifully shot. What colour!
This is what I want for my tv show. I want it to be visually pleasing. I want it to have a distinctive look and feel about it.
At the Hotel is good about that.

Yeah, maybe I'll just make a mini-series for CBC. Yeah. It's easier to get amazing talent to sign onto shorter commmitments.

I watched tv last night, then went over to david's house. We were supposed to work on my writings.. but then the new Harry Potter was there... and drugs and things. So, yeah. Harry Potter was good though, except that I almost fell asleep around a thousand times.

I'm re-reading Catcher in the Rye. I read it years ago and was thoroughly unimpressed, but Chris, of the Ryerson film I'm working on, wanted me to. For the brother-sister relationship in it.
And I am really quite impressed. Quelle surprise.
It's the diction really. Fuck, some of it is really, really funny. I like it when he says that people get a big bang out of something. And that he 'gave her the time'. Ohhhh I'd like to give you the time.

America's Next Top Model premiers tonight!

Oh god, please give me something to do.

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