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2007.10.03 1:34 p.m.

Somehow my house has gone to shit again. I need a cleaning lady. I need to be rich and pay someone to fix my lifestyle. I've been so busy forced-relaxing and depressing that I haven't wanted to touch any mess. And sometimes I just take great pleasure in making more messes. Like when my bed in covered in too much stuff to sleep in then I just shove it all over onto the floor, then I step on all the stuff and then I feel sad when it's broken.
In way too many ways I am still seventeen.

I still like House. Team or no team. And I liked Cameron better as a brunette. I hope House chooses that lesbian from the O.C. to be on his team, she's probably still lonely that Marissa left her and then her other show about Irish gangs got cancelled. That must suck. I hope my shows never get cancelled. No, I hope they get cancelled in a My So-Called Life/Freaks and Geeks kind of way.
Whoa I just wikipediaed that girl and she's married to a prince. I would like to please be married to a prince too.
Luckily, I didn't find the second episode of Gossip Girl I watched to be as addictive. I mean, I'll still watch the show, but. It was a bit tiresome. If they weren't all to addictive to look at...
Because of cable I've been watching Sex and the City every night at 1:30. Amazing. Apparently there's still so many episodes I've never seen. Or don't remember seeing. I am so Carrie. If I did an internet quiz about which Sex and the City character I'd be,it'd be Carrie. For sure.
TV is the best for ignoring your own problems.

I did go to Nuit Blanche but it ended up being a bit of a bust. First I went to SarahB's show, which was very good and she only gets better, which is reassuring I hung out with her friends Kylah and Cindy, who are both also singer-songwriters and are nice. Then we went to SarahB's to drink more. We ended up in Trinity Bellwoods where they just wanted to sit and jam. I am good at neither sitting nor jamming. I also ran into a fresh hurt on the way there and so was feeling a little bruised. So I just went home. I saw exactly no pieces of art and I'm not bothering regretting it.
Nuit Blanche is probably best for couples. Or people who are happily single. Of which I am neither. I don't know, I'm sure in many ways I am happily single. I just can't think of any right now.

Sunday I worked the last Jays game of the season. Aw, etc. It was fun, Stacy and I just made awful comments about each other and tried to start fights between our co-workers.
Sunday night I talked to Chala forever on the phone. I thought I might be able to go to Montreal this weekend. But it turns out I really can't. Fuck. I really miss Chala. And David. And Dana has disappeared from my life, because she's insane. She said she'd call me later two days ago. Everyone is busiest and my life has calmed down.
I still have no concept of what my shifts are going to be like at ACC. It's a little frustrating. Every shift I want, I don't get, and every shift I can't work, they schedule me for. It's beyond annoying. If it weren't so easy and so well-paying I would quit. I like quitting. When it's necessary, I mean. It's the hockey home-openner tonight, so I'm looking forward to that. Might be fun. Maybe I'll turn into a hockey fan (no).

It's still hot out. That's nice, if not a little worrying. I worked alllll day at Big Chill yesterday by myself, covering Niki's shift because she got a library job. I made $30 in tips, which I wasn't expecting at all. I love unexpected money. The afternoon was so boring I thought I would pass out, but the evening was busy enough to keep me entertained.

I was considering going to pay off my library fines so that I could borrow again, but I realise I'm exactly in the state where I just wouldn't return stuff. For no good reason. So I'll leave it awhile longer, until I've grown up a bit.

Um. So... I'm ridiculously excited for Christmas. I know that maybe that's an obvious statement. But holy hell! It's on my mind all the time. Preparations have begun! I hope hope hope that this year I actually get everything done that I want to. That would amaze me. And be so excellent.

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