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2006.08.08 10:32 a.m.

Woah I have too much to get done. Too too much. I always try not to leave things to the last minute.. but..

My house is a distaster and I was hoping that I'd clean it to be excited to come home to it, but I won't!!
Everything is too much effort.

Also, I have to be at the airport at like 4 in the morning, but I work until midnight probably. So I'm not sure that sleep will really be an option. I guess that's what planes are for. And also for transportation.

I did get to see David the other day! We went to Bistro and had beer and nachos. Cause I'm a man's man and shit.
We had a long talk and a lot of beer. It sounds like maybe things will change, at least a bit. Like I might get to see him more often, and he might make an effort to see people other than Steph and her friends.
I've just really missed him.
And he seems to get sadder and more frustrated all the time, which doesn't seem proper.

I was drunk by the time I got home, which was early. And I was a little emotional and crazy.
I talked to Niki on the phone to affirm the fact that she was actually moving in with Nathanael and Sophia. I'm excited.
I also talked to Fraser. I'm completely unsure how I feel about that one.

Obviously, I have over-analyzation tendencies. Which I try to curb a bit. But, here, I had been thinking that Fraser really had no interest in being my friend. When, really, I don't think it had occurred to him that we weren't friends anymore.
Which is possibly worse..?
I do miss him.

Yesterday I worked again. Too much work-all-the-time. But I got to train SarahB, which was pretty fun. We worked at a ridiculously slow stand, but it was good for training purposes. And it gave us time to talk about M!C!D!A! and other world-altering things like Babes and Partying.
And Mike scheduled us to work together again today. Which is pretty cool of him.
I think Sarah's starting to get how ridiculous the place is.. and how ridiculous everyone who works there is.

Walking away from work Prince (my security friend, not the dreamy musical artist) yelled at me as he drove by and I yelled Give us a ride!!!!
So he turned around and came and picked us up. I like people who are in love with their cars because they are far more willing to give people rides. It gives them a chance to show it off, which I like.
He drove us up to College and Spadina and talked about how he built this car (I especially liked the leather seats and the massage speakers - it does feel quite nice when the bass is pumping all through my back) and drove really really fast. I was scared and it was sweet.

It made our day feel more exciting.
We shopped around Kensington for a bit and then went and got food at Last Temptation. I'd never been there before but my avacado and brie sandwich was exceptionally good. And exceptionally cheap. Which I adore.
Sarah and I also split a pitcher of sangria, and, lo, I was drunk again.

On my way home I picked up Rapido (my sweet ride) from where I'd left him after he was making too much strange noises and I felt like maybe he would fall apart in the middle of the street and I would die.
We argued about his chain..but I think I might have found, and rectified, the problem. Knock wood.
The chain cover was all bent and rubbing up against him in an uncomfortable way - I think from the other night when these drunk girls I saw from my window ran at him and fell on him and then sat there both holding him.
I think he felt uncomfortable.

At home I packed (or made attempts at it anyway) and re-hemmed a dress which made it about a billion times cooler. Rough estimate.

Dana called when she was done work and she took me out for my going-away party, which was a drink at Sneaky Dee's.
I'm such, such a fan of sitting on patios and watching people and having good talks.

Today I'm having lunch with Miranda and hopefully getting everything done. Which seems Highly Unlikely.
But I will make attempts at being productive, and it's supposed to be cooler today, and if Rapido's feeling better then it should go quicker.. I hope.
It's silly that I'm working today.. but I have to, money and all.
Ugh, when will I get to sleep again?

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