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2006.04.28 12:01 p.m.

I'm totally running too many programs at once and my computer's about to break.
I'm all about pushing stuff.

I love my computer. I don't know if I've mentioned that.. but I do. I mean, I want a better one, sure, but man it's sweet to have.

Oh internet, my one true love.

I picked up my pictures yesterday. The ones of Carla are really nice. I think.
She seemed to like them. They're pretty sweet all things considered. I'm not sure if she'll use any of them, but it seems like she could. Headshots are such a bizarre thing. Especially in this town. Everyone has a different opinion on it. Some people think it's the be-all and end-all, and others (me) think: it should be a picture that looks like you.
I mean, you have to get new ones so often that it seems ridiculous to pay $600 all the time.

I don't know.

There was pictures of Nathanael on the roll that I don't remember taking. Shows that I should drink less I guess.

I met Ali at Cinnabon before work yesterday but we had pizza instead.

Work was slow but people tipped well, so it kind of balanced out.
This year I've been working with the same people frequently. Last year I never worked with the same person twice. I wonder if this is on purpose..
The girl I worked with is nice. It was good because we could gossip about stuff we gossipped about last time.

Also, I worked the same spot as I did a couple of weeks ago (which never happened last year) and there were people with season tickets who remembered me. Bizarre.

Some boys from New Zealand hit on me and I asked them what their plans were and one said "we want to shag girls in Rogers Centre t-shirts".
Well, at least he was direct.

On my way out I ran into Jude and Bojan (beer spotters) and they were drunk. They came to the game (as opposed to worked the game) and drank. Ironic.

Jude: I remember last season I was so surprised when you said that thing about my mother..
Me: What thing? Oh, I don't think I would ever say anything about anyone's mother. No sir.
Jude: Can I tell you the truth? I thought you were the cutest little girl in the whole skydome
Me: OH, I am!
Jude: So I was shocked at what came out of your mouth
Me: I really really just don't know what you mean. Oh wait! Was it about giving it to your mom from behind? Oh yes! She really likes that!

I'm such a pain.

Afterwards Carla, Ali and I went to Cinnabon. On the way we ran into Devon so we brought him along. The Cinnabon guy gave us free mini cinnabons again, and then as we were leaving he gave us two more things of mini cinnabons.
Mmm and then it all went straight to my thighs.

Then Ali went home but Carla, Devon and I went out for a drink. Funises.
Knowing people from school is so bizarre. I mean, I just love them. I don't particularly like all of them.. but I kind of love them because they are just too familiar.

I'm excited for this MagnetaLane song I just downloaded cause it's called Mare of the Night.

Today and tomorrow I'm working at this weird show thing. Pouring beer. Because that's my only skill really.

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