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disclaimer: this is the life and times of meredith r. mistletoe. i'm making a slight attempt to disguise my identity and hide things that i write about and pretend i don't feel things i do. but if you read this and i don't know you read it, then you read it at your own risk. and you should let me know you're reading it... especially because a lot of the time things need clarifying or aren't quite true anymore or etc etc etc.

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2004.10.09 2:50 p.m.

wow. thanksgiving is really weird. seriously, people celebrate this shit? let's carve a turkey. no, sorry. it's fine. i just don't really get it. thanksgiving is probably my least favorite holiday. and by that i mean thank you.

haha saskatoon is pretty fun sometimes. and gorgeous. it's hot today. mid 20s at least. i want to go to the lake and go swimming. who wants to go out to cranberry flats? walking across the train bridge last night was ridiculously beautiful. and there was the warmest wind..

i'm listening to the new tegan and sara because i stole it from hillary. it's really good. tegan and sara are really easy to listen to. and fun to sing along to. i don't think it's as good as their earlier stuff..but still.

work was fun yesterday. and busy. and i was tired and that makes it harder. it's so repetitive. i never want to wash dishes when i get home. i mean, how many times have a washed a blender jar this week?
me and hillary are officially going to see r.e.m. apparantly. if all goes according to plan. it's going to involve some late night driving and some next day working, but i believe it will be worth it. aw micheal stipe is so cute..
and we've got tickets to the metric/deathfromabove show too. i like how i never really say that it's billy talent. i want to dance. and then to moses mayes the next night! the fun never stops. and all that before the weekend even.

last night was overly-fun. niki and i are never drunk together. it was a good plan. we should do it more often. it's really not a bad walk from broadway to her house. i was pretty ridiculous. and i was having problems standing and things. which i like.
we drank at her house and then walked to the snelgrove gallery. it was a funny art opening where so many people we know were there. and i really didn't even look at the art very much. and there was sooo much boxed wine. and cheese and crackers. and we put rum in one of the wine glasses. we're so classy.

i interacted with jamesreimer. fuck. i wanted to avoid that. i did a pretty good job at first. niki didn't tell me he'd be there. because she thought it'd be funny. it was especially when i just ignored that i saw him. well, it didn't make sense that he was there. he didn't kiss me on the mouth though. will the disapointments never cease?
i actually find jamesreimer intimidating. also intimidating because he'll read this and be irritated. but still. niki holds him in such high esteem i think. and i love niki..

me and will are getting married even though he doesn't have a green cowboy hat. or a mohawk. and has silly facial hair. but he'll have to get me a big ring. he's taken to calling me his wiff. that's hot.
john's still the funniest non-funny person i know. i still have no idea what he thinks of me..or vice versa really. me and niki have a theory about him being pure evil. no..he's so strange sometimes. or, rather, most of the time.
i really like joel i've decided. he's so easy-going. i liked going to his apartment (which we did after the gallery), i like looking at people's houses. joel owns all of my so-called life on dvd!!! that's so awesome.

when i hang out with niki we never seem to hang out with girls...

after joel's we walked to broadway and went to lydia's and hung out. and then we went to the hose! oh the humour value. i was just tired though but i watched a cartoon on tv while everyone was dancing. i wish that jamesreimer had been there so that i could have witnessed first-hand his dances. we went back to lydia's for a bit and then we went to this house party.
i like going to house parties of people i don't know at all. but there was chocolate cake for john's birthday (which is today) and i woke up this morning with chocolate all under my fingernails (so hot). and i spent time sitting under the table. and some girls we didn't know started a game of telling our most embarassing drunk stories. how i know awkward stories about girls i don't know.
yeah..and then we left there and went to joel's again and watched a scene from the classic film 'lord love a duck' i have to see this whole movie now. i mean, what the hell?
then we walked and went to john's and listened to his tape of his band (except that it isn't really a band at all..just an organ and things..) and looked at a penthouse from 1973. it was hot. way way more artistic and dreamy. and hairy. and obviously not enough cock. and we ate cookies. good story. he's so awkward sometimes..and i don't even really notice..but i just don't understand him at all.

me and niki walked to her house and had conversations about how ridiculous people are and how funny. and what certain people would be like in the sack. i think that's a valid conversation topic..i mean, sometimes people are the opposite of how you'd think..or so easy to peg (in theory). and we talked about how it'd almost be worthwhile sleeping with random people just to see what they're like. good plan.

wow. i really like the re-use of lyrics that tegan and sara do. it's really interesting. especially when they're some of my favorite lyrics.
[you slip your heart inside my chest they both become one of the strongest pairs when strangers come]
[stick your heart inside my chest, keep it warm here while we rest. tell them this love hasn't changed me]

i need to write more music. i'm not a terrible singer you know. i was doing really well for awhile there. i quite like some of the stuff i was coming out with..but it seems so pointles..i play no instruments..and there's no one to form a band with...
nobody sings anymore.

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