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2005.02.25 10:36 a.m.

i have a paper due this afternoon and it isn't written yet. someone should really get on that.

i got the flu on tuesday. that was fun. i like that we're all supposed to come to school when we're sick so that we can spread everything around nice..mmmmhmmm yeah. so i was sick all night which was fun. and then i didn't go to my mid-term in musical pioneers (so i'm fucked pretty well).
but i felt okay-ish by noon and so i went to the medi-clinic to get a doctor's note (it's ridiculous that they charge for that shit).

then me, alisin, and melissa went for lunch at fresh. which was the best thing for flu-me. i had lentil soup and a smoothie from chris because he works there and is a good friend. we were there for hours. it was good though and interesting. it's been some time since we were all together. more than a year. how crazy.
it's interesting to talk things over with these girls that were once so close in my life. they have perspective on me that other people don't.

i wish i'd gotten to see melissa more. i really should make an effort to get down to montreal at some point. it seems like i'd really like it. melissa says she'd consider living in toronto sometime. that'd be interesting.
i wish i knew how long i was staying here. it depends on so many things.

it seems like i'll stay for the filmfest this year though. it'd be interesting to volunteer at i bet.

the plan is just to stay here until i get my tv show sold and can bring it back to the prairies. man do i miss the prairies. and my backyard. there's no backyards in toronto.

i saw miranda yesterday. we hung out for five hours and i still wanted to see more of her. we went to payless and i got a pair of black boots (they're hot but in a trendy way..they're all from the kids section) and she got black ones with the flower. we love payless.
then we went and sushi, which was really good and talked and ate and stuff. and then we went and found a booster juice, it turned out to be not that far at all. walking distance from my house probably. oh delicious. i got sonic soy and she got breezy banana. and we smiled.
then we hung out at my house for vast amounts of time and watched sex and the city and had tea and talked. it was really really nice.
i can't wait till she comes back and we can hang out more.

the o.c. was pretty extreme last night. trying to please everyone. and all the lesbian action. too much.
not that the show isn't always too much.

john is my new favorite teacher. alongside allan of course.
in class on tuesday we had a big general talk about the business and auditions and working and maintaing your creative spirit and things and he was so funny. i've never known him to be so amusing before.
he kept going on about how you had to be a ninja. and if you weren't a ninja you were a wounded gazelle.
here's a couple of quotes i especially liked from him:

"the person who sits by the phone is a loser and will be eaten."
"if i hear you're going to be a wounded gazelle i will come and eat you myself."

very good.

allan is still tops. and i'm still tops in the class. though everyone was doing awfully today.
allan pulled me aside after class to ask why i was on probation in the program. he said that i was the last person he'd expect on probation and that i was doing exceptionally well in his class.
that was really nice.
i flat out told him neil hates me. (i also mentioned i have issues with doing the work and professionality).

there's a markin side show tonight, that i hope will be fun but already has too much potential for being awful.
oh party.

there's so many sweet shows coming up. i think i've got tickets now for arcade fire and for the organ/stars/wooden stars (do i chris?) and for weakerthans/constantines and i have to remember to get some for the waking eyes/mar kinsid e/boy show next week. which i'm making niki come to.
i think i'll make niki do many things. like party.

i should update more often so it doesn't get so long..... ..sigh.

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