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2006.04.12 3:02 p.m.

I was onset yesterday for 13 hours. This whole background thing takes a lot out of me. It's just so ridiculously long. And the whole not doing anything part gets a little tired after awhile.

Buuut, it was actually pretty fun. In a long kind of way.
I met some cool kids again - which is the only thing that keeps it interesting really.

Yana, a model originally from Bulgaria, just returned from making big money in Japan.
Lindsey and Ali, cute highschool girls who knew all about the game 10 Fingers and so on.
Matt and Ben, I don't know if they knew each other coming into it, but they were two very basic young men. Yeah, fun.. and very.. guy-like.

We were doing this whole fashion-show-contest scene all day so they gave me a pretty dress to wear and did my hair and make-up so I could be a 'spectator'. Which I like.
I wish I got my hair and make-up done every day. Soon I guess.

Honestly the dorkiest highlight of my day was a performance by (oooooh no) Teddy Ruxpin, er, Geiger (he was playing at the fashion show in the TV show).

Hahahahaahah. I mean, I'd seen his video, oddly enough, and that song is bad. Real bad. Cliche and bad (I'm going to muster every ounce of confidence I have, and cannonball into the water.. etc. etc.)
BUT he's 17. So I feel like there's time for him to get over that.. right?
And he was real ugly-cute and stuff and seemed like someone I would have had a big crush on if I knew him in highschool.

Point being is that I sat in the second row and he sang right to me and that killed. Now, he was probably singing to me because I was making my dreamy love-face at him... but I think he got that I was mocking a bit. And found it amusing.
Whatever you guys okay.
I just miss having my celebrity crushes.. so I'm going to go ahead and make love faces at 17 year-olds.

Lindsey and Ali were sooo excited about Teddy. They made the PA introduce them and he signed pictures for them. Too funny.

The rest of the day was.... well... long.

Oh, maybe the real highlight was talking about my show with Lindsey and Ali. We were talking about TV, so I brought it up and they asked me more and more about it. Aaand seemed genuinely interested. Which is key, seeing as they really are my target audience.

Now if only I would actually get around to writing it.

Figaro left me this morning. Big yellow taxi and all. I met Chris's new girlfriend. Weird how things change you know.

Yeah.. I'm pretty upset. I was putting effort into not caring so I didn't really say good-bye. But I did make Chris take Figaro's ribbon.. 'cause he really likes that.

Today I have nothing to do.. at all really. Which is cool since tomorrow, in theory, I have wardrobe for the Niagara thing and probably also ADR work for the Ryerson thing. Which means I'll get to see other Chris and his funny dead-pan face.. which is always nice.

Then it's off to Niagara for an Easter weekend of shooting.
I can't wait for Easter to be over so that I can buy sale candy!!!

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