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2006.09.11 1:11 p.m.

Maybe this whole journey with the oven was to give me a deeper appreciation for the art of bakery.
Maybe yearning for years to just be able to bake in peace will now make me a master baker.
But most likely it will only lead to having far, far more dirty dishes, and to gaining far, far more weight. Mmmhmmm.

So far today I've made fries, cornbread muffins, and apple crisp. Life is good.
I didn't have any baking powder so I put in baking soda instead. And I feel like the corn muffins are fine..maybe a bit soda-y. I also put in some ginger and cinnamon and so they are kind of spicy and delicious.

There are many many supplies required to have a well-stocked baking kitchen.

Last night I made some really good hummus. And then I ate most of it. And I'm planning on eating some more before I go to work.

I woke up this morning (far too early) to the sound of big trucks outside my window. They were unloading a giant garbage bin onto my front yard. Now (from what I can see from my window) they are filling said bin with huge chunks of concrete. I do wonder where they are getting the concrete from. I'm becoming quite certain that my house is about to collapse underneath me.
That would be awkward.

I worked at the chill last night and it was very cold and very boring. We only had one customer in the last hour and a half. Ugh. It was also fine. And I ate ice cream. So much ice cream.

Watched "A Walk on the Moon" last night. Diane Lane is very good. Very likable. I've never really found Viggo Mortensen attractive.. until this movie. And I think it was more his character than him. Life is so much work.

Tonight more workin and more workin at the big chill. Then me and Niki having baking plans. I wonder if baking will rule my life now?

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