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2007.10.23 1:07 p.m.

For a few minutes there this morning, it was feeling like everything was going to irritate me to the point of distraction today. But I seem to have calmed down.

I was awoken by an overly-long phone call from Rogers. Rogers is obsessed with me and my services from them. They are obsessed with offering me free things in order to prove how excited they are to have me as a customer. Today they offered me all the specialty channels for free for one month. The trick is I have to remember to cancel them before the month is up otherwise I'll be charged $45 on top of my other fees. Ew. I'll remember though.
You know what this means?
This means I'm going to see my MTV commercial!!!!! On TV!!! And I'm going to tape it. Is that dorky? Yesssss yes.
I will no longer be the only person I've ever met that hasn't seen it (who knew that so many people had MTV).
I hope I also get to see Cock'd Gunns and other ones that exist only on channels that are too rich for my blood. Ohhh Movie Network...

I went to pick up the pictures of AlexPB. Overall I am not impressed with myself on this shoot. I wish that we'd done another roll. I wish I knew how to a) focus a camera and b) trust my light meter. But some of them are quite beautiful, I think.

This one is well-photoshopped by the developing guy. It looks strange but I sort of like it.

I like the hair. I don't know if it's usable because of that... but I think it's neat.



Yesterday when I went to get on my bike I discovered that my back tire is so flat that it's loose. Wow. I depend on that bike. So much.
But luckily I didn't have anywhere where I HAD to be. So I spent hours just walking around the city. Walking really slows everything down. In a bad way, but also I notice everything so much more. It's just easier to pay attention.

I went to the Y to make an appointment to renew my membership. Which is today. !!! I'm going to be fit! (We'll see...) I have to run in the short that Adam's making with me and lord knows I am not a runner. I have never ever ever liked running. I'm going to try and be at least a bit better at it by the time we shoot in a few weeks.

I Christmas shopped a bit. But mostly I shopped for me. Because that's what I do when I realize I don't have a proper job and will probably run out of money very very quickly.
I bought two new bras. They were on sale at Jacob. I am a weird size and Jacob's sizes are weird. But they're nice. And I haven't bought a new bra in too long.
And I bought my perfume, which I've been out of for a couple of weeks. Good goddamn I love that perfume. I've loved it since 2k1 and I think I like it more now. Once again, if only there were a man I felt that way about.

Bothered my mum on the phone for too long last night. Sometimes I just get a little bit lonely living here.
I was trying to work on my TV show and it just wasn't working out. I did write a few ideas down. But that was about it. Then I had a beer and watched more TV. And read my book.

Work tonight.
But working out first, which I'm even mildly excited for. Must be the coffee. I'm going to go on the rowing machine!

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