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2004.06.22 4:17 p.m.

surprisingly enough, i'm tired again! i'm also scratchy and mean. also a big surprise.

i didn't get much sleep last night. why do i go out so much? what's wrong with me? and why can i not stop spending money? i think it's hanging out with ali..she is constantly spending money and wanting to go out, and so i think i should be able to too. it's sucking though. sucking me dry.

i went for breakfast yesterday at a place called maggie's where they serve very good food and have many vegetarian and vegan dishes. in a hot way. and on the way there we saw hot fabrizio filippo (of queer as folk and varying other things)

sitting on the kalendar patio. we looked at him a lot. we're not creepy at all. ever. and then billy talent was at maggie's while we were there. and by billy talent i mean the singer and the guy with the hair. the only two i'd recognize. it was still funny. me and ali were going to start shouting 'try honesty' to them..but we thought it might end badly. so we just ate our breakfast instead.

then ali, miranda and i went to the horseshoe to see ted leo/pharmacists and the waking eyes. both were actually really good. i wanted the waking eyes to play longer and i wanted to dance to them more. it frustrates me how little people dance. dance dammit dance! we went to the show because nathan said he was going and ali's been wanting to be flirting more with nathan. and possibly hooking up. see, last week i decided that this would be fine with me. i've since change my mind. a lot. if priscilla can have her giant list of boys i can't mack, then i can have my own. but, really, if i thought they actually belonged together i'd be okay with it. but if nathan's going to want to randomly make out with anyone, it's me. i haven't talked to ali about this yet. i will just plot to keep them apart.

miranda was fun to take out, as i expected. she's so laid back and nice. and she danced a little with me. and she commiserated about how it sucks when your friends hit on boys you still have claim on. while ali was away of course. ali kept plotting to spend time alone with was a little irritating. it'd be far less irritating if she didn't already have two good looking men on the go. and i do mean on the go. and by on the go i mean in bed.

geordie got home yesterday. except just to whitby..he won't be back in t.o. for another couple of days. but we still made it to three weeks. so there. and he sounded good. he says he brought me a rock from the low tide at the bay of fundy. that's pretty awesome. i maintain that "relationships" are the weirdest thing ever.

i didn't see scott or daryll yesterday. my day felt incomplete.

it's very very strange to me that travis's sister committed suicide. ridiculous. it was pretty upsetting to hear. does anyone know if travis is going home from the yukon? ugh. grade eight is too young to be that messed up. i called and talked to my brother for a bit yesterday. maybe i'll make him a mix tape.

i should have an in night tonight. that'd be a change. i should really really do some damn laundry and some damn dishes, the rot is getting excruciating..

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