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2006.05.13 11:50 a.m.

Party all the time.
No, but for realz.

Sometimes everything feels overly-excellent.

Yesterday I did a lot of nothing. Well I tried writing. I tried organizing the writing for my magazine.. with minimal success.
I'm not sure what kind of balance I want between random bits and actual polished pieces and photographs, etc.

I went out in the evening to buy more alcohol and I stopped at BigChill to talk to Mark, who was going on his break so he gave me some sorbet and we walked around for an hour. I do like Mark.. and I find it funny that I like him since he's so... I don't even know

Nathanael and I decided to hang out so then I called up Devon and Naomi and told them to come too. So I invited everyone over (and did a mad dash to make this place even slightly presentable).
I made lentil barley soup and quesadillas with guacamole.
It was all really good and I do love cooking for people.
We sat around and talked for quite some time. Started drinking a bit.

Then we went to Ciao Edie's where the ryerson kids were partying. Sophia was drunk and pretty and the guy who was hitting on me the other night winked at me while holding onto another girl.
ahahahaha hotttt

J Adam was there and Jamie hadn't mentioned the whole We-watched-you-mouth-fuck-JTT business. So I did. J Adam is sweet though and told me he'd write me an email with everything I'd ever want to know about JTT. Hahaha. I said, "is he nice, or is he a really big dick?" and J Adam said "he's nice and he has a really big dick" and indicated around 4 feet.
That's big.

I am still slightly scared of J Adam though even though he did appologize..

Me and Nathanael and Devon danced and I wore my sequin skirt which is so much fun to swish around and twirl in.

The bar closed and we couldn't think of anywhere that would have after-hours karakoe.. and so we all went back to my house where Devon and Nathanael drank my fourty of St. Ides and Naomi started nodding off. We looked at pictures and talked drunk chatter.

Nathanael and Devon left at probably around 3:30 and me and Naomi had breif girltalk (which totally made it a slumber party!!!) and fell asleep. Being like "let's get up early and go to the Y!"
Yeah. That didn't happen. Well, Naomi did have to work at 12 so..

My bed's been full lately and I like the lack of a lonely dent. It's kind of nice just having someone to sleep next to.

Now I'm eating more quesadillas and guacamole and thinking about going back to bed on account of I'm planning on partying a lot more tonight and tomorrow. And for the rest of forever.

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