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2006.07.11 1:09 p.m.

The best kind of wake up call is the kind from your agent I think. I love that I set a specific ringtone for him, so I get excited right away.
I have a callback tomorrow for the MTVcanada commercial I auditioned for yesterday. Well, that just figures on account of how much I don't want it. It would be just my luck to have my Canadian television debut having mock-sex. Just my luck!
BUT. The casting director that's working on that project casts a lot of stuff and he told Chris that I was amazing and very funny and that he'll definitely call me in for union stuff too. Chris says that unsolicited feedback like that is extremely rare. Hurrah!!
(When one is not booking stuff they must take extreme pleasure in little things like compliments and encouragement).

Tomorrow is an important day. A big day in my career. The first day that I will have to run from one audition to another.
Before my callback I have an audition for a new TV show. My first serial audition! How fun! It's too bad that I'm getting auditions for projects I'd really like to do and will never get. If only the scripts were crappy, then the audition would be so, so much easier.
But this is a TV show for Movie Television/Global (ie bigger budget, great production values, gritty, hbo style) with producers writers from Cold Squad, Human Trafficking, Niagara Motel, This is Wonderland. It's really quite a gross crime drama, but the part would be overly-sweet. A 16 misfit who looks like an angel but is really a ghoul. And the description for her love interest sounds like a major babe. And it would film in Montreal for a few months, which would be a party-all-the-time. Though Niki would be mad that I'd move there as she's moving here. But then she could have my apartment.

The thing is that I just think of each audition as a lottery ticket. You know, I buy it, but I don't expect to win. But what entertainment, sitting around planning what to do with my million dollar winnings. And each audition is just an opportunity. I expect to have to go to seventy before landing anything. Or at least twenty. They say landing one part for every twenty auditions, that's a good average.
And I haven't even had twenty yet. So I'm not worried.

Also, in other news, I've decided that I can be a leading lady. That I am beautiful and attractive (if not in a completely conventional way, at least marketable) and should get to be the main love interest.
BUT. I also get to be charactery and fun. I've actually decided that I get to do everything. FYI.
I'm just versatile like that.

So I worked at the Big Chill yesterday. That was alright. No, it was pretty fun actually. I got to work by myself all afternoon (which was funny because I haven't really worked there in two years, but they still trusted me to know how to do things). It was raining so it was pretty slow, and I got to do whatever I wanted. Oh I love thunderstorms.
I did some writing, a bit of cleaning, drew on the chalkboard, sat outside, did some sampling of ice creams. And I talked for awhile to every customer that came in. If it were always that sweet working there, I'd sure keep on.
I sat and visited with Miranda for awhile after I got off. And by "got off" I mean "had an orgasm".

Then I went home. Then Dana came by. She tends to go by when she's out on runs. Who runs?? Dana apparently.
So I went downstairs and we sat on the front stoop for an extremely long time. Just talking about lots and lots of things. We talked about how there are no babes. And how I could name you a dozen beautiful eligible bachelorettes but I'd be hard pressed to name even 5 eligible bachelors with no MAJOR flaws. That's scary.
I love having neighbours who stops by for visits.
Then we went and got mango and raspberry and lemon ices at Big Chill and said hi to Rory and Miranda. Then we went grocery shopping. Because I was hungry for real food after a day of ice cream.

Then I went home and talked to my mum on the phone for around 10 years. Or at least two hours. Sometimes we just start talking about things.

This morning I'm drinking black tea, green tea, vanilla soymilk, and chocolate soymilk. All I want is drinks. And cookies. Specifically these simple pleasures spice snaps. Uh huh.

I'm torn for how to dress/make-up tomorrow. Because the TV audition is a bigger deal, and I have more of a chance to get the MTV thing. And you're always supposed to wear the same thing you wore originally to a callback. But I didn't like that outfit even, and I want to wear my hair differently for the TV show... Ohhhh jeezzzz my life is just too, too hard.

Actually, all things considered, my life is ridiculously sweet these days. I mean, I could use a true love and a good chunk of money.. but besides that, I have no right to complain.
Especially with my impending visit home. And this feeling that everything is going quite rightly.

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