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2006.02.11 7:42 p.m.

oh, darling don't cry
if you want, i'll take you home
when i go back to canada

It's funny, kind of, how living alone is such a part of my identity. I wonder if I'll always live alone. Honestly, I have a hard time picturing it any other way.

I don't want to live in an apartment forever. I hate that this city makes it near impossible to just have a house. Gosh I'd like a house.

Things are better today. Slightly less hopeless.

Yesterday got better as well. I have a little lie around where I just stared at nothing for awhile. That was necessary. A good substitute since I seem unable to cry properly. Oh, I cry great at movies/books/songs. But only for 30 seconds. It's been so long since I've had a good wail.

Went and met Priscilla at Boom, where she's now working as a server. We went to her new house and had tea, ate pasta, listened to show tunes, and generally partied down.
I'm glad that she's liking her new job. Maybe she'll be a little happier, that can't be a bad thing.

I came home and did a lot of nothing. Which is completely acceptable I decided. Well, I played supercollapse and mah jong. I internetted a bunch, avoided feeling feelings, etc.

Today's been more of the same, computer computer, foodfoodfood.
The kids from the Fred's Date shoot gave me a giant bag of bagels and I feel like I should eat them all. And quickly. But there's just so many...

If someone doesn't give me some candy or a cigarette soon, I'll vomit.

I left my house briefly. Despite not wanting to at all. I was pleased at how I sucked it up. It was just to get supplies for making my packages to give to agents.
Here agent: suck my package.

Tonight I might go over to my friend Dave's house. The other night I went and played cards there was so much fun, we decided to do it again. He says he's making something sweet. We'll see if he comes through I guess. He says it's a party for me. haha, that's nice.

Niki says she's coming to Toronto tomorrow. But staying with Steph first. Well, I guess we see where her priorities lie.
She's been reuniting with her old best friend and I bet she'll trade me in. I know it. In a heartbeat.

top 5 songs of today
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo
Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts - Wolf Parade
Our Love Will Make the World Go Round - Meligrove Band
Crazy in Love - Beyonce and Jay-z
Darling Don't Cry - Buffy St Marie

I wonder if I will do anything productive today?

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