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2006.02.21 12:35 p.m.

Generally people are surprised when I say that my family supports me being an actor. But they really do (I think). Maybe because instead of coming from a family of steady-incomes and secure-jobs, I come from a artists. And to us acting seems like a good get-rich plan.

Fuck I'm doing so good in a non-paying kind of a way. Why doesn't someone want to pay me??
It came the closest today.
I got offered this part by Niagara College and it would be shooting for 4 days and they would pay my travel expenses and my accommodations and stuff.
Fuck I want to do it. Then I'd really pretend i was a movie star for a bit.
I have to check with my other student film. And I have to consider jobs. But it's only four days. I'm sure if I got a job I'd be able to be like "NO I'M A MOVIE STAR". Right?

But I want to do it though?

This is bringing my percent of auditions vs. parts I get up even higher. Now I think there's only one audition I didn't book so far this year.

Fuck I'm really sick today. This is what happens when you have a stomach that can't digest things and then you spend a whole day eating.
When will I ever learn?

I really did just sleep/eat/watch tv yesterday. Well, and apply for jobs on the internet and wish that someone would offer me money.

Fuck tv was good yesterday. I'm so all-over Medium these days. I love the little monster girl. I mean, the one daughter who's so ugly she's cute. Really the whole thing.
And House? Come on. I like when he's all vulnerable and sad.

Back to Grey's Anatomy for a second. George?? I don't believe it.
Actually I believe that that would happen in real life. I do. Let's say I was Meredith, George is totally the kind of guy I would go for in real life. The nicest, bff, sweetest, etc, boy ever. But I would secretly crave McDreamy (or even Alex or possibly even McSteamy). Cause he's strong too. And forward and would put the moves on me. In a hot way.
Uh huh.

I have rehearsal tonight again. The party never stops around here.
More job-searching to do. More script-work. Memorization.
I really just want to lay around groaning about my poor mistreated belly.

God I wish I'd get paying work.

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