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2005.08.09 3:24 p.m.

so i'm sick maybe. but i just don't know with what. i passed out at work on friday and was SO sick and had to be taken out of the skydome by ambulance to the hospital. by the time i got to the hospital i was feeling mostly fine. and they decided i was fine. it's fucking scary though. fuck i hate not having any family in the city. it's oh-so lonesome really.

the one nice thing was the nathan called because we were maybe going to meet up at the mark inside, so i made him walk me home. it was nice.

but i've been oddly sick since then as well. mostly fine and then feeling awful. last night after the meetngreet at the dance (after only 2 glasses of wine spread out over a 6 hour period) i vomitted and decided to go home. how depressing. i like dancing and partying. fuck being sick.

the meetngreet itself was alright. maybe four agents showed up. plus all our teachers and some random other people, so it looked alright. i talked most with edna of etm. and she was really really nice. i have to get in somewhere especially since the agent i had my eye on may not be agenting much longer.

i really liked dancing with people and everyone was being so typically themselves. it was quite sad really.
it's too bad to have all these parties right now when we're all the height of being sick of each other. we should have them a couple of months from now.

fuck i'm hungry. but i think it's my digestive system that's fucked. i don't seem to be able to put stuff through properly. sickening.

no one would go with me to fake prom and i was angry. fuck i did so want to go. i really really need friends who think like i do. like why do i have no one to go to shows with? it's ridiculous. gotta get me a boyfriend so that he can accompany me everywhere. that's actually what it is though, all my friends have boys that take priority, or more importantly, are enough for them. they don't need anyone else really.

it's getting to due time for an aunties brunch. hopefully this weekend.
right now though, i have to go to work, and hopefully not pass out.

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