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2007.10.24 2:51 p.m.



I'm slightly hung-over and sore in every part from too much working out yesterday. I think I'm even more out of shape than I'd feared.
I do not like working out. I do not like exercise where I notice that it is exercise. It seems pointless. I have better things to do. Like watching TV. And sleeping. I need an iPod. So badly. At least then I could get some fucking books on tape or something to listen to or something.
The Y is giving me a session with a personal trainer. Hmmm. We're going to work out a work out plan. I hope involves very little working out.
I'm going to try going to a lot of aquafit and dance classes. Those feel a lot less like work.
I want all my friends to join the gym with me, give me motivation and stuff.

I'm very angry with Rogers as it seems that I won't, in fact, get to watch MTV because that's one of the very few channels they refuse to preview for me. And it would cost an extra $25/month to see it. What? Ridiculous.
The Final 24 episode about Jim Morrison is airing in the states on Hallowe'en and then all the time after that looks like. I'm so famous. I still don't know when it'll air here.

My work crush is not in love with me. I see no other explanation as to why he wouldn't constantly seek me out and pay attention to only me and pursue me outside of work. I have no patience for crushes. I don't even like having crushes. Except for when it's exciting. Then I do for realz.
Aw, I do like him though. I do like babes. Too much.

Went to see Carolyn Mark last night with Tamara. Dakota Tavern is one of my favourite bars that I rarely go to. I always feel like I'm in a different city when I'm in there. Like maybe Nashville. Or Thunder Bay at least.
My Sloan-friend Gregory was playing in her band and invited me. I hadn't seen him since he moved here so I felt like I should go. Also, I'd heard many good things about Carolyn Mark. And she was really good and fun. But I think I liked the two openers even better. NQ Arbuckle and Rich Hope. Both were amazing and dancey and I felt like I was at a really cool hoe-down. The dad I baby-sit for was there. It's funny to be in a social situation with someone who you work for... especially if the work is being in their house and interacting properly with their most prized possessions. But I like that dad. And it was nice to see Gregory and nice to have Tam there to dance with.

Dreamt last night that I was pregnant, almost at full-term, with my friend's BF's baby. Hmm. I realized I had been spending so much money on beer and eating out that there was no way I was going to be able to afford a crib. No worries, I thought, I am all alone anyhow, she can just sleep in my bed. Also, it was going to be a little black baby girl and I thought there's no way I'm going to know how to do her hair. Also, I was refusing to move back to Saskatoon so I was constantly on the phone to my mother who was my long-distance lamaze partner.

I think I'm overly-lonely.

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