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2005.10.29 1:27 p.m.

i really hate it when the browser quits when i'm in the middle of updating. bullshit.

i have a headache. too much drinking.

aw christ. i don't feel like writing it all again.

i'm in a better mood today. thank the lord. turns out that drinking solves all. good to know.

oh i keep forgetting! i got stung by a wasp the other day! well just a bit because then i killed it. but then i pretended i was allergic to bees to scare chala. funny!
it was only bad because he interupted my funny funny story about what was in our convocation carepackages.
if i haven't told you about them yet, ask me sometime.

i was supposed to have an audition yesterday for a student film and i was on my way there (gotten off the street car and was walking to the building) and the guy called to tell me it was cancelled.bullshit.

ending every question with 'or what?' is pretty fun.

priscilla came over last night and we drank while i got dressed up like christmas and she got dressed up like uma in pulp fiction.
then when we were pretty trashed we stumbled down to the silver dollar room to see sweet thing.
people laughed because we were in costume and we yelled at people in costumes.

nathanael called and i badgered him into coming and meeting us.

we got there and ran in. then owen came and hugged me and then tyler found my wallet (which i had dropped immediately) i'm glad that he found it before i realized i lost it. that's the best kind of lost.

tyler is dating the instantstar girl. hahah have i got gossip for you etalk daily!

we saw nick and priscilla gave him the third degree - and it sure looked like i put her up to it. but so we found out that he is dating the girl from brunch. martha. (who seriously looks/acts so young but is apparantly 21)
ahahahah him and tyler were on a double date. a brunch double date. oh god how perfect!
and he felt awkward.

then p and i danced! and then we danced and danced and we were so on our game. ahhaha no, but i was in a perfect dancing mood and i can be pretty good (to me).

nathanael came and he loved the music and then we cuddled him and i adore nathanael. i told him he'd better act like my new boyfriend so that nick would feel weird. funny.

sweet thing was really good. really good. they had funny costumes. well, mostly just nick who was dressed like a firefighter with shorts.
seems like something jpr would like.

then we danced some more. i just discovered i have the giantest bruise on my leg. i wonder where that's from..

then we sat or danced. it was so fun. priscilla and i moshed a bit and when we started dancing other people did too.

there was a boy who was working there and he was real cute and i kept looking at him and he kept looking at me.

the only funny moment with nick and i was when i passed by him and martha and she was sitting on a stool and had her legs wrapped around him. oh brilliant! his other ex-girlfriend was there and i hope she didn't see that because she would be sad maybe.

we were watching one of the bands and all of a sudden i just felt so sad. about the agent thing and the audition thing and having a cold heart and all of it.
and nathanael somehow saw my sad face in the dark and came over and just hugged and cuddled me. and didn't say anything.
how wonderful. how seriously amazing.

we went and got water from the cute boy (who said he couldn't serve us because he was just the barback and then we said we just wanted water and then he got it for us). he's very pretty.
then we went back and then nathanael and priscilla said i had to give him my email (because email is the new phone number you know).
so then in a bit i poured the rest of my water into priscilla's cup so that i had a reason to go back. and then i gave him nathanael's coffee time card with my email on it. and i wrote on the back
"look! now you're a v.i.p coffeetime member!"
and then i ran away. but then he waved to me on the way out. and i was embarassed.

this morning he had already added me to messenger. but i haven't talked to him.
but i did look at his profile page. but most of it was a joke. unless he really is 100.
but under occupation it said 'hobo-philosopher'
ooohhh ggrrreeaatttt.

then n, p, and i went to sneaky dees for food and we didn't really pay attention to the people (1 girl, 2 boys) sitting next to us. but they were kind of watching us i guess. and then the girl left and she said 'have a good night' and we didn't think she was talking to us. then the guys left and they said 'have a good night' and patted n's shoulder. and that was weird.
and then when we went to pay our bill the server told us that they had payed it for us! what the hellfire???!? that's so awesome! and so so bizarre. why did they do that?

this is a long entry again.

so do like my headshot or what?

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