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2005.04.12 12:56 p.m.

yesterday i wrote 'hate' instead of 'had' interesting.

last night i went to sleep instead of doing my homework or cleaning my house (which badly needs to be done, especially since i've spilled hot chocolate, in a big way, all over a lot of things. oh gosh.)

i worked out a the gym yesterday and today. gross.

i haven't had a headache so far though. maybe my body was just plain sick of not moving.
except that doesn't make sense because of how i'm constantly walking ridiculous amounts.

stupid body doesn't even know what's what.

i wish i had a life or a job. either way.

touro recognized me from the window while i was down the block. what a sweet baby.

i talked to viv yesterday after school about how crappy everyone thinks the program is. she was pretty sympathetic and supportive.
she said we should organize something about michael and take it to neil. well, yes, but who'll get around to doing that exactly?

then she and her dave gave me a ride home. teachers just want to take care of me, i hope it's not because i'm a wounded gazelle.

someone should get me a job. i think i might actually want one now.

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